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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 13%
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Mat Fraser as Jacob
Jo Hartley as Kate
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by a_baron 9 / 10


This film is listed as comedy horror. It might take a while for the comedy part to sink in, but when it does, it packs a punch. A group of delinquents including a girl are taken out into the country by two care workers as part of their rehabilitation process, but things don't turn out like that. The locals of a hamlet that is more sinister even than Emmerdale give them a frosty reception. The girl is nearly raped, but the feisty female care worker gives one of her attackers more than he bargained for. Shortly, the murders start.

This film scores for special effects, hopefully they really were special effects and not murders! While most horror buffs will notice the cultural reference to "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", how many will have caught the Monty Python one, the naked organist?

Where "Inbred" differs from say the Bunnyman films is that there is nothing the slightest bit amusing in simply watching people killed in gruesome fashion, but this film is so far over the top it is difficult not to laugh. Probably the blackface performance will be considered more offensive in this politically correct age than all the gore, although the denizens of rural Yorkshire might just take offence too at the way they are portrayed.

Reviewed by edgalarza 2 / 10

Slow paced, dim-witted horror-comedy

I watched this film based on the trailer and perhaps the trailer ruined it for me. Most of the kills are shown in the trailer so there weren't much new to see in the film. The kills are few and far spaced out in between each other with the longest dry spot happens soon after the first two murdered victims. Because of this, the film doesn't build any kind of momentum and the dialog feels monotonous, the whole film was very sluggish for me. The comedy is dim-witted and not very funny. Having said that, the special effects and methods of the kills are very good, gory and creative, but not enough to make up for what seem to be an arduous viewing. If this film came up on cable TV, I would tell a friend to shut off the television and just go for a walk outside.

Reviewed by penfold-31568 8 / 10


First off, I'd like to say that all those hating this movie shouldn't be watching horrors in the first place, and you are mostly missing quite a bit of intelligence. To write a review on a gore fest and say "eww, it's gross, I cried to my mommy", you must need some kind of brain surgery to sort your weird bonce out.

Secondly, to the rest of you pundit wannabes who think using big words makes you just as clever as an official reviewer... well how dull! I'm going to review it like an average intelligence bloke from the pub.

So I was very pleasantly surprised to find an excellently acted, pretty decently scripted, cheap horror for a change. The 5.1/10 or whatever it is doesn't do it justice whatsoever when you compare it with all those higher rated classic jobs from the 70's/80's by Italian gore maestros who's scripts, plots, acting and dubbing is hilariously tragic compared with talented films like this one. For example Demons, 6.7/10 it's rated and is one of the worst pieces of sh*t on screen I've ever seen.

So yeah, effects were awesome, only one point did I notice the CGI otherwise wouldn't have known it wasn't all furrealz. Fully recommended to any gore fan.

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