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Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn
Adrien Brody as Flirty Harry
Rob Schneider as J.D. / Psychologist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thisanant 7 / 10

appropriate title

It is a highly offensive , politically disastrous comedy to laugh your brains out if you are into that kind of things . it is Dirty Grandpa mixed with Scary Movie . FLIRTY HARRY is my favorite , it is killer .

Reviewed by Chase_Witherspoon 3 / 10

Inept comedy

Whilst the majority of jokes misfire and the overall experience is potentially distasteful to many viewers, there was still a few laughs to be found in this offbeat, economical sketch comedy. Shaffir's tongue in cheek racist vignettes are the rare highlights, though clearly some aspects are in poor taste. Of Shaffir's segments, his bigoted driving instructor giving SE Asian drivers a hard time is possibly the comic zenith.

By contrast, Adrien Brody's Dirty Harry inspired sketches are the embarrassing nadir; ditto Rob Schneider's bombs. Cringe-worthy, and not in a good way. Lindsay Lohan, though top-billed really only occupies a small, inconsequential cameo parodying Marilyn Monroe.

If there was a sophisticated, satirical undertone intended, it didn't surface at any stage during my viewing though it's possible I may have missed the point entirely and in fact, this is a work of genius. It's also possible this is just an abject failure. Reckon your moral compass might determine whether you like or loathe.

Reviewed by theoneandonlydee 1 / 10


This film was trying it's best to push controversy on it's audience, this did not work. The film consists of major racism, sexism and makes fun of abortion. I thought that I'd enjoy the film, I find controversial comedies funny usually but this film made me the most uncomfortable I have ever felt. The film has on funny sketch, and that's 'Flirty Harry'. Apart from this, the film is incredibly insensitive and completely disgusting. If you haven't seen this film yet, don't! This film deserves no popularity at all! Do not give this film any revenue, at all! It's disgusting and horrible! This film will only be entertaining for racist and misogynists.

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