In Time


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Romance / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 333453


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Olivia Wilde as Rachel Salas
Matt Bomer as Henry Hamilton
Amanda Seyfried as Sylvia Weis
Cillian Murphy as Raymond Leon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Vlado Vladimirow 8 / 10

Idea 10/10

It has been a wasted, mediocre overturned film due to its potentially low budget.

System criticism is great. I do not have a word for him, but it's bad. If there is a race against time they should run normal but constantly running. It starts from somewhere and then starts to fancy. There are two serious logic mistakes.

There is not even one security guard in the bank you go to. 2 people are doing robbery in the elina arm. Latter; What did you break into so much protection? How did they not notice you?

I wish I could have big directors and high budget. It could have been a masterpiece.

Reviewed by thausilveira 1 / 10

Great idea, horrible results

Couldn't watch all the movie. Judge me... This is the worst movie I've ever watched. It seems like the director thinks I have no brain, explaining the plot every second (I DID UNDERSTAND MAN, GO ON!). Predictable scenes, it really made me feel sick.

Reviewed by Saiyan_Prince_Vegeta 9 / 10

Teaches you to appreciate time more

Time is very important in our lives, it's our most precious resource. This movie taught me that we have really a lot of time, but we need to use it correctly. One of the most powerful moments is when the girl says something like "We have 24 hours left" and JT basically says that - you can do really a lot in 24 hours. Wow... And this is true. You can do a lot in 24 hours, now imagine what you can do in a whole year if you use your time efficiently! I need to learn to use my time correctly and it will help me achieve more things in life. Good motivational movie, which teaches you also that it is never late to start doing something, because we really have a lot of time in our life

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