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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 35%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 48%
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Henry Cavill as Theseus
Luke Evans as Zeus
Mickey Rourke as King Hyperion
Isabel Lucas as Athena
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by americanu-32447 8 / 10

Worth watching a few times

I really think the score of this movie is undeserving. It's a good movie with strong and pretty straightforward symbolism, that i guess is hard for the layman to access. The fight scenes we're kinda hit and miss on the one hand spectacular on the other kind of ridiculous. Like i said worth watching once or thrice to fully get the symbolism

Reviewed by dim404 1 / 10

Beyond bad..

This is utter rubbish, Greek mythology retold by Bollywood with a total lack of history or good taste. I think that the IQ of the viewers went down a notch or two after watching this travesti.

Reviewed by Paradoxo Sarantatessera 3 / 10

Nice visuals but the story/mythology/characters ruined.

I'll give it a 3 for the stunning visuals and the final scene that I liked a lot, but that's pretty much what was good about the movie.

I will not waste time describing how the whole story has little to do with Greek mythology, as plenty other reviews have done that already.

Instead I'll focus on the fact that you watch this movie expecting some popular characters (or gods) to appear on screen. And you know pretty much how these characters were and what they did. Uh oh!

For example bring to mind Thor. You at least imagine a norse looking warrior, quite mascular wielding a hammer. And you expect the Thor you'll watch will be more or less like that. You certainly don't imagine him like a hobbit with hairy feet throwing shurikens at his foes, right?

Come to this movie, and see the Greek gods unlike anything you could ever imagine. Zeus, the father of all gods. Typically an older looking god, depicted with his nice full white beard, master of lightnings. Not at all. He is a slender very well shaved blondie, with a shiny golden armor that looks like he borrowed it from some elf like Celeborn or Elrond in Tolkien's LoTR.

And how does he do his battles? Swinging his fire chain/whip. (Ghost Rider?)

Athena? Her aspis (shield) and her owl were her symbols. Pretty much like Thor's hammer. Nope, she's ninjaing her way through enemies with her two ...sickles.

Oh and the Titans are not of titanic proportions (giants) at all. If you remember the goblins from LoTR...well, that.

All this has nothing to do with the actors who are doing all they can, but with whoever decided to create mythology from mythology.

The quotes are unmemorable and rather used a lot in many movies.

To conclude, I found the movie very unimmersive and untrue to the theme it advertises. Please Hollywood, I can understand changing stories a bit, but completely ruining characters is a bit too much.

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