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Quinn Lord as Tom Whitman - age 10
Elias Toufexis as The Snowman
Marianne Farley as Gem Whitman
Ron Lea as Dr. Jansson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Max Mech 6 / 10

Reflective of the 2012 album

I'm a huge Nightwish fan. I heard about them in 2011, and have since listened to almost every song that's been on major release from Oceanborn to Endless Forms most Beautiful. Honestly, it feels like the Imaginaerum movie was built to go along with the music. The track list accurately reflects the entire movie structure.

Though it's an accurate representation of the story of the 2012 album (The death of an artist), it's still kinda... strange. It's an oddity of a movie that one would only really understand if they understood Nightwish beyond their music.

Additionally, the run-time seems kind of short if they want to create a movie with even a bit more information. Also, I'm disappointed that "I Want My Tears Back" was only played in a sliver of the movie early on.

Reviewed by Yoana Georgieva 9 / 10

A dive into a dying dreamer's mind. Excellent.

Well, in a few words - I didn't expect such a beautiful work. That's a movie with lots of layers and it takes a few listens to Nightwish's album - Imaginaerum as well, to see what Tuomas is trying to say. It's a masterpiece. Surely, there are a few things which could've been made differently and better, but nonetheless the result is breathtaking. It deserves more than 6.2 stars. I waited for this movie 2 years, which is a lot for a 14 year old girl (at the time I learned that there will be a movie by Nightwish). Now, 3 years later, I am thankful for the wait, because I grew and was able to understand the layers, the concept, the ideas, the meaning of everything. And I am speechless.

Reviewed by siderite 7 / 10

Visually beautiful, dark themed, good music, but that's about it

I had expected a drawn out music video - after all, it was a movie created by a music band. Instead, it was a full feature film about a demented old man trying to hold on to the good memories of his life before he dies and an estranged daughter that needs to reconcile with him. The motifs in the film are interesting, psychologically, but other than that, there is not much happening. Also, musically it has the soundtrack from Nightwish and a couple of actual songs with the band playing, but nothing spectacular, either.

In a way it is a Finnish version of What Dreams May Come, but not that good and smaller in scope. The theme is dark and cold (Finland, eh?) and the beautiful visuals are contrasting starkly with the ominous mood. Anette Olzon singing weird songs while clowns are harassing the child version of the old man doesn't help either :)

I find it difficult to find a simple bottom line for this film, indicating that it has an original quality that puts it apart from other films. I can recommend it on that point alone. However it also fails by having not enough of I had expected from it. The music is good, but it could have been more prominent, having a larger role in the film and the plot. The imagination of the man cursed with dementia leads to wonderful visuals, but they are too passive, with the inner child merely a passenger rather than an actor. And removing those two elements leaves you with a skeleton of a film that doesn't shine neither through scripting nor good acting.

So my bottom line has to be that I liked the film, but I felt it missed its point by a small margin. Great potential, barely good implementation.

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