Ill Manors


Action / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 79%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 9379


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Ed Skrein as Ed
Riz Ahmed as Aaron
Ben Drew as Cab Driver
Ricci Harnett as Plain Clothes Policeman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by prolearningmexico 10 / 10


Easily one of the best films I've ever seen. Can't say that I enjoyed it, as it's so real it's almost like watching a documentary. Tragic that the contents of this movie are the sad facts of life as experienced daily by the underclass in the UK. Couldn't take my eyes of it...

Reviewed by sholacole-43023 8 / 10

Plan B is a good writer

Plan B is a brilliant rapper and an excellent writer. Ill manors is a good film and is unique from the other films that portray life in London street life. Plan B writes cleverly from the different perspective of how the people live in the London street life and the storyline is brilliant in how the character meet together. The soundtrack is also good with some of Plan B's music. Watch Ill Manors.

Reviewed by John Doe 3 / 10

Pretty ludicrous, with so many implausible coincidences.

This film started out pretty well, it his relatively high production values and felt quite slick. It has parts where the characters are introduced with a brief rap, most of which were passably decent and introduced them well.

The first hour was honestly not bad. The basic stories of Kirby and Chris' power struggle, and the induction of the kid into the gang had a ring of potential truth to them. Ed's search for his phone, and marketing of a prostitute to to a host of kebab shop owners felt a little more silly though.

At the resolution of these story lines, the film just got stupid. Aaron found the gun and all of a sudden there's a baby on his train and he's keeping it around for some reason and the mother is naturally an escaped sex slave from a secret Russian BDSM brothel. Coincidentally the mother runs into the prostitute from the last story line and they go on a quest to find the baby. Oh yeah and then Aaron and Ed sell the baby but five minutes later the mother sees Aaron walking around and they go and try to get the baby back. Honestly you would think, based on this film and how many of the characters know each other, that London had a population of about a thousand people.

Then the pub just happens to set on fire and also Chris wants his gun back. Why Chris wants his gun back is unclear, as he throws it into the river soon after getting it as he used it in a murder. Quite why he didn't just let Aaron keep it, as there was no way of tracing it back to him if Aaron was ever caught, I don't know. Anyway Ed goes on a hero mission to save the baby and dies of course, then they give Chris his karma and have him arrested. In fact, practically every character who is dislikable ends up dead. The filmmakers were clearly very conscious of appealing to people's most basic desire for 'justice.'

Overall, the acting was decent, soundtrack okay, the characters did ridiculous things and felt nothing like real people, and the plot was like... something a twelve year old would write as a first draft.

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