I'll Follow You Down


Action / Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 31%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 5770


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Rufus Sewell as Gabriel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bingoBongo 1 / 10

This movie makes good actors look bad

I recently found this movie on Netflix, and being a huge fan of time travel movies, I thought I would give this a shot.

Also, I was intrigued to see Haley Joel Osment acting again.

The time travel part of this movie was solid enough - a few wires here and flashes there - that is how its done in other movies, so without actually being able to do so in real life, who is to say what is right. It also seemed like the crew worked hard to make sure continuity was good, and the time travel bits made sense.

What lets the movie down to a rock bottom flaw though, is the utter disinterest of the cast. All lines in the movie are phoned in, no one seems to know what their lines mean, or have a general understanding of the story in the movie. The dialogue is a jumble of uncomfortable pauses between disjointed lines and forced kisses on actresses. (Gillian Anderson literally says "Okay?" after being kissed by her husband character, in what looks like an uncomfortable event)

It seems the budget went entirely into hiring some well known faces, and did nothing positive with them. This disengagement is not their fault, but rather the director and writers, for not inspiring them to believe in their roles, and feeding them a stream of single-take disjointed lines that look more like statements, than natural dialogue between people.

The director seems to have a long way to go for building believable rapport, and possibly didn't have the experience to handle a star studded cast. This is the key flaw.

By the end, suddenly everyone believed in time travel for no reason or proof, wrapped up on questionable morals. All the best scenes you could image being fun, were happening off camera in your mind, or possibly in another movie.

Watch at your peril, this is probably the worst time travel movie ever made!

N.B. the grab of distribution name "Continuum", for foreign release, actually stole the name of an existing Canadian TV show, about time travel (this movie is Canadian). A cheap move for making market confusion to sell this bargain basement movie.

Reviewed by suite92 8 / 10

Young genius tries to heal his family by altering time.

The Three Acts:

The initial tableaux: Erol's father Gabriel leaves for a routine trip. When Erol and Marika wait for his return at the airport, he does not arrive. Marika and Sal search to no avail.

Twelve years pass. Sal has done a huge amount of background work to replicate an experiment that he knew Gabriel wanted to attempt involving time travel. Sal enlists Erol's help in finishing the details.

Delineation of conflicts: Erol's girlfriend Grace is against the attempt, since she thinks their current life will be lost. Sal wants Erol to continue, since Sal hopes to 'correct' the timeline. Marika struggles with her loss.

Resolution: Supposing Erol can construct the wormhole, will he be able to convince Gabriel to alter his course?

Reviewed by echofalls-21269 2 / 10

Terrible. Utterly terrible

Anyone who gives this over an average rating has absolutely no concept of time travel.

Whatever happened has happened! You cannot go back in time without it already have happened!! Hence you cannot go back in time. You could - according to Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein himself - only possibly go forward.

This film was poor on so many different levels that it was very nearly pathetic.

Also on a side note....how the hell does an iPad work back in time?? Disgraceful movie.

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