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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by juggaloremmy 5 / 10

No Blockbuster

If you're not a fan of B-Grade movies and/or can't appreciate the comedy in apparent cheesy acting and scenes, or if you want to compare this to Weird Science, you should read no further you will hate this movie. If you don't tick all those boxes you should really give this a try. Get relaxed in your preferred method and have a laugh. My rating is taking into consideration that it is low budget and intentionally cheesy in spots.

Reviewed by carnagecarney 1 / 10

A new take on classic movie "Weird Science"; only worse - in every way

Guy invents girlfriend, hilarity ensues. Guy rights the wrong done; learns life lessons in the process. Movie ends.

A classic movie recipe in the 80's with 'Weird Science', in iGirlfriend our story is resurrected using modern day tech: fictional iPhone app vs fictional science.

Plot, acting, direction....I won't even waste any more of your time reviewing iGirlfriend except to say the movie is horrible.

Its not even in the "so bad its good" category - its just bad. Don't waste your time with this.

Reviewed by dafreaks 1 / 10

Another waste

A waste of money and time... do not attempt to watch this rushed garbage... Horrible all around... poor everything. You have to wonder how "so called movies" like this even make it, or are even allowed to be advertised. Sucks cause any rich kiddo can waste our time with crap like this...and that is exactly what this movie is!

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