If I Stay


Action / Drama / Fantasy / Music / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 98865


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by teknotexan 7 / 10

What would you sacrifice for your art?

This film was not supposed to be as good as it was. I expected to be disappointed, but I can say I was impressed and moved deeply. So what if her face (Moretz) was digitally imposed on a real cellist. Moretz did take lessons, but was not screen ready. I respect that sort of commitment to a part. I've played for 30 years, so I know the time needed exhibit such bow control. (We did see the orignal baroque bowing of the Prelude)

A teenage romance that ends too soon for their teenage hearts. The boy is destructive and the girl is a loner, but music brings them together. Reminded me of August Rush, just with teens. We can experience the awkwardness of teen romance that appears to be true love. Regardless, this is more than a film about teens in love, far more. We learn of the sacrifice a family makes for their children, for music.

The film is emotional, yes, verily, with a simple storyline, so be ready to enjoy this film once, and leave it there. It is simply too dramatic, too close to the heart, to heavy to watch on repeat. With that said, it is a beautiful film, perfectly packaged for an "Insta-gratification Generation" while appealing to Xennials and Milenials alike.

And it is all tied together with good music: Saint-Saëns Concerto N°1, Beethoven Cello Sonata N°3 in A Major, and the Kodály Solo Sonata. We enjoy the Kodály twice and quite prominently actually. We witness the only ever cello audition, ever in a film. We are with Mia and her family as they record her audition, and we witness the importance of a little brother's encouragement.

I know what that is like because I lived Mia's life, sans the romance. My family believed in me, encouraged me, stood backstage and gave in-car pep talks. They let me wander off and listen to the 3rd Beethoven, for months as I dreamed of a music school in California. I experienced that same "out-of-body" feeling Mia felt during her in-person audition. I know what it is like to play your guts out and leave it all on the stage. And I know the joy of winning that audition too. :-)

I am a cellist, who song writes on guitar, who lost a father to brain cancer, who auditioned for uni and WON with the same Beethoven A Major Sonata Mia loves so much. Music has brought me back to so many times, and cello is always bring me closer to my late father.

Plus, my family owned a green Ford Taurus wagon, and I love the Smashing Pumpkins.

Reviewed by gogismile 10 / 10


A story about true unconditional love that can bring you back to life! A must-watch tittle!

Reviewed by stormpeaks 7 / 10

Good but slow and repetitive

Overall the movie is worth a good 7/10 , story is really slow and is mostly consisting of flash backs and a love story between a young couple , it kinda fails to deliver until the end which honestly got a few tears from me as i thought it was really cute and emotional. Still doesnt deserve more than 7/10 on my end , but still a good watch anyway. Recommended if you like "young couple" lovestories.

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