Ice Soldiers


Action / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 13%
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Dominic Purcell as Malraux
Camille Sullivan as Jane Frazer
Michael Ironside as Col. Desmond Trump
Gabriel Hogan as Frozen #1
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hwg1957-102-265704 6 / 10


In 1962 three Russian super soldiers are thawed out in arctic Canada after their plane has crashed and go on a rampage at an oil drilling station. Fifty years later the same three Russian super soldiers are thawed out in arctic Canada and go on a rampage at the same oil drilling station. Then the three super soldiers go off and are pursued by a scientist who has a connection with one of the soldiers. It sounds a bit repetitive but in actual fact I found it entertaining.

It looks excellent, some of the snow scenes are quite beautiful, and really gives the feel of a cold, cold place. The CGI is not intrusive. The action is adequate with lots of use of snow vehicles of different kinds. The acting varies. The great Michael Ironside is watchable as usual and Adam Beach as TC Cardinal perks up the second half of the film. Dominic Purcell is bland however and Camille Sullivan is just irritating.

All in all the story carries one along to a good conclusion with no major disappointments. Entertaining.

Reviewed by dingo865 6 / 10

Better than I thought

I recorded this movie on my PVR, thinking it was going to be just another cheapo actioner imitating Asylum's garbage. Planned to fast-forward through the painfully boring parts, and stop by only for the delightfully stupid or violent (nudity was also promised by the warnings, but it turned out to be not female :)).

...and I ended up watching it from beginning to end. This movie actually has an interesting SF and Cold War premise; several great veterans of acting (Michael Ironside and Adam Beach) and performers I have never heard of before (Camille Sullivan, and Gabriel Hogan whose evil perfection is genuinely captivating), and they all seem to fill out their roles comfortably and believably. The actors manage to make their characters interesting enough that you want to listen to what they say, however banal that sometimes turns out to be. The writer(s) also tried to drag a bit of science and historical 'authenticity' into their story, and the dialogue is pretty decent (sometimes even good) most of the time.

On top of all that, the sets are solid (if indubitably inexpensive), there is an excellent use of real life locations, and the effects range from competent to good. This film is not a shoot'em-up actioner, but the action it does have (and when it has it) seems well-paced, and integral to the story.

Low-budget, frequently flawed, and somewhat cliché'd (I thought the 'big reveal' at the end was obvious after the first 5 minutes of the film), it is mediocre at best. Considering how many TRULY horrible movies you are flooded with on a daily basis, though, 'Ice Soldiers' is definitely not a bad movie; and it tries in every area - and really hard - not to go out of its way to offend your intelligence. Plus, this is one of perhaps only two or three movies in which Dominic Purcell is actually perfect for the character he plays!

Reviewed by krnolan-201-564163 1 / 10

No voice in the first part

I couldn't get myself to watch the movie, because the first 15-20 min of the movie had the background music, the sound of the wind blowing but there was no voice from the people. I don't know if it was supposed to be that way, but we fast forward to the 20 min mark and there was still no music. We couldn't go past that time marker bcuz the rest of the movie hasn't played yet. But, maybe someone can tell me if there is supposed to be actual talking out loud in the movie, or should I have waited longer before the voices were actually played? Or, if there was supposed to be voices out loud, there was something wrong with the channel it was playing on because we heard the voices fine in all the other movies we were watching.

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