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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paulufus 10 / 10

Probably the best documentary i've watched

It has everything, spies, conspiracies, involvement of world leaders, following world events like wars. Seems like a movie or something that was scripted, its exciting, has suspense and drama and other traits that usually in documentaries its hard to truly get.

Amazing job and about a very passionate topic SPORTS .

Reviewed by greg-haar 10 / 10

Amazing. Rarely write reviews, but best documentary I've seen in years.

I almost never write reviews for anything, but after seeing this movie and seeing a completely spiteful, misinformed review from another poster I feel obliged to post. This is an incredibly powerful documentary that had me at the edge of my seat for nearly the entire two hours. Honestly have no idea what movie the other poster was watching or if they're simply bitter or don't enjoy the documentary format, but I highly recommend this to anyone in an interest in sport, current world politics (US/Russia), or conspiracy. Both the director Bryan and protagonist Grigory are engaging and entertaining, and the movie will seriously leave you feeling like you just got a backstage pass to a very recent global conspiracy between Russia and the world.

Reviewed by weseda 8 / 10

gripping documentary

I saw this at Sundance 2017, and it blew me away like no other film I saw there. The filmmakers started out on an interesting enough story in worldwide sports, but then uncovered a massive conspiracy beyond their imagining. Very exciting. Highly recommended to anyone who can see this.

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