I Walked with a Zombie


Action / Drama / Fantasy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 92%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by frankwiener 8 / 10

Yes, Palm Trees...And Much, Much More

I was always fascinated by the Caribbean and have found it to be a very mysterious region of the world. For me, a remote Caribbean island not yet corrupted by large-scale, commercial tourism is the perfect setting for a strange and unsettling film such as this. While one reviewer identified the island as Haiti, no one speaks French or even has a French accent, so it couldn't be Haiti. Curiously, the "filming location" section on IMDb is blank, and I have yet to find the actual locale. If it is near Antigua, as stated, perhaps it is Barbuda, so recently devastated by Hurricane Irma, or maybe nearby St. Kitts. Then again, it could have been filmed somewhere in West Palm Beach. If so, I'd rather not know.

As was the case with "Cat People", produced only one year earlier, Director Tourneur and Producer Lewton worked diligently to create an atmosphere of creepiness with outstanding success. The haunting beat of the drums steadily unnerves both the characters and the audience from the forbidden jungle through the rustling cane fields while the entire island succumbs to the hypnotic spell of a debilitating, hot wind. And who knows when the very frightening image of Carrefour, a large zombie with bulging, catatonic eyes shows up, looking for YOU. Although I have never attended a real voodoo ceremony, I was captivated by the one that was created here.

While the whites on the island, specifically the Hollands and the Rands, apparently held the economic power, they were totally overwhelmed by the very real spiritual power of the local, black culture with disastrous results. While the misery of the island's history of black enslavement was very clear, none of the local folks seemed to be as unhappy as the white planter family. For example, Alma, the maid (Theresa Harris), may have cried when her niece was born, but she was among the few characters who held an overall bright and sunny outlook on life. Both she and Frances Dee, as nurse Betsy, were very pleasing to the eye in otherwise dismal surroundings.

From start to finish, this was a very intriguing and entertaining movie on many different levels. For me, the biggest, unresolved mysteries were (1) the total story behind the mother, Mrs. Rand (Edith Barrett), and (2) why a dish like nurse Betsy was attracted to such a gloomy wretch like Paul Holland (Tom Conway) other than the fact that there weren't many options available to her. Lucky guy. He needed an attractive young nurse from Ottawa, special delivery, even more than his wife, the zombie, did. Enjoy this one!

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 7 / 10

Essentially, it's Jane Eyre with zombies

I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE is a classic of atmospheric horror that comes courtesy of famed producer Val Lewton. Like the rest of Lewton's output in the 1940s, this is a mood piece all about the atmosphere; the story comes second to the visuals and the stylistics. The story is set in the Caribbean and features a plucky young nurse heroine who arrives at a plantation only to discover some weird goings-on involving her employer's somnambulist wife.

Essentially it's Jane Eyre with zombies, and there's no harm in that. The voodoo material in this production is pretty effective, and the horror highlight is the sight of Darby Jones as the emaciated zombie with bulging eyeballs wandering through the cane fields; these scenes are quite exceptional and help to make the film. However, the dialogue scenes are also engaging and there's never a dull moment despite the slow pace. I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE is a classic for good reason.

Reviewed by GL84 6 / 10

Decent early zombie film

Hoping to get away from a stressful relationship, a nurse takes a job looking after a bedridden millionaire in Haiti, but when she starts to stay there longer, the more she finds the entire situation encased in a series of voodoo-driven rites and ceremonies intended to ward off her employer.

Overall this one was quite enjoyable if slightly flawed effort. One of the main things holding this one back is the film's utterly bland and snail-like pacing, which is the common factor found in these types of films. There's so many scenes here in the first half that do nothing overall and are really just there to make the film seem like an appropriate length before it ends since so little of the film actually comes off as scary. Since so many of these scenes are filled with her initial arrival and meeting with the two brothers who are engaged in their own mini-squabble over the afflicted wife's treatment, these scenes are in general quite dull and bland which simply hold off the main horror sections of the film to rather isolated section in the second half as it has to get through dry, dull sections up front. As well, the decision for including the plot-point of his brothers' drinking problems are completely unnecessary as they just make the film that much longer and are not that interesting having it play out, and really sets the stage for usually-talkative explanation sequence which doesn't really go anywhere here. The only other flaw here is the completely inane reasoning given for them being targeted, as it really makes no sense and goes against what she tells them later on which should've protected them instead and it seems somewhat odd as an explanation.Though these issues here hold this one back, it does have some positive elements at work here. One of the better features here is the fact that there's some rather creepy and chilling work done on the inclusion of the voodoo rituals at the compound which are some of the films' most chilling moments. Starting with the deeply-rousing tribal drumming that's heard coming from deep in the jungle sounding like they're all around them, and it really starts in on that driving feel where the otherworldly feel and chilling-by-association nature makes this quite creepy while starting the other big voodoo-led activities. From the insanely chilling walk-through of the sugarcane fields with the zombified woman in the moonlight while the effectively eerie drumming comes into play during the darting shots of them amongst the towering plants, the absolutely creepy first encounter with the zombie and then encountering the rather thrilling ceremony that takes place at their camp. Other fun scenes include the absolutely wild and crazy retrieval scenes where they attempt to bring her back to camp in her zombie-like state several times, especially since the later one turns into the outrageously fun finale that takes place across the island, finally leading into the sea for a fantastic finish to this one. Alongside the rather well-done atmosphere from the film, these here really work nicely for this one.

Today's Rating/PG: Mild Violence.

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