I Walk Alone


Crime / Drama / Film-Noir

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
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Kirk Douglas as Noll 'Dink' Turner
Burt Lancaster as Frankie Madison
Marc Lawrence as Nick Palestro
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jotix100 8 / 10

Out of the past

The friendship of Frankie Madison and Noll "Dink" Turner was solid during the prohibition era of the country. They had a good scheme going until Frankie is caught with the goods he is bringing to their speakeasy in Manhattan. Madison has to serve fourteen years for the crime. When he is released from prison, Dave , a mutual friend who now works for Turner is sent to meet the ex-con and help him settle down.

Frankie, who wants to be paid for the time he spent in jail, has a lot to square away with his former friend. Madison is taken aback when he goes to pay a visit to Dink's new club. Not only is it posh, it caters to a high class crowd! In the club he meets two ladies, one the headliner, Kay Lawrence, who is involved with Turner, and Mrs. Richarson, a high society type. Turner wants to use Kay to pump information from Madison, but he soon discovers the duplicity, but in reality, the singer's heart is not into betraying Frankie, who she seems to have taken a liking to. On the other hand, Mrs. Richardson can't get her hands on this new arrival the way she has gotten away with Dink.

Dink feels threatened by Madison's arrival into the scene. When they have an argument about the money owed to Frankie, Dink has a plan to get rid of his friend. Dave, the accountant, who has been called to explain to Madison the intricacies of the corporation that owns the club, sees what Dink is trying to do. Frankie Madison gets a chance to get what is due to him. He also gets to keep the gorgeous Kay!

"I Walk Alone", directed by Byron Haskin, is a good example of those films that came out after WWII. It's worth a look because of the marvelous cast assembled to appear in it. "I Walk Alone" marks the first time Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas appeared together in movies. Although the top billing is given to Wendell Corey, he has little to do in it. The husky-voiced Lizabeth Scott plays the sultry Kay Lawrence with her usual flair. She is beautifully dressed by Edith Head.

Victor Young's musical score and Leo Tover's cinematography contribute to the overall success of this movie.

Reviewed by MARIO GAUCI 6 / 10

I WALK ALONE (Byron Haskin, 1948) **1/2

Three of the stars from DESERT FURY (1947) – Burt Lancaster, Lizabeth Scott and Wendell Corey – were reunited in another, marginally superior noir that is most notable today for marking the first of seven screen pairings between Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. Although it was still very early in their careers, they had already become typecast as, respectively, the jilted, ex-con hero and the suave, slimy villain and this film has them reprising those characterizations – albeit less effectively than their prototype seen earlier in THE KILLERS (1946) and OUT OF THE PAST (1947); the same goes for Scott and Corey who both share a divided loyalty towards the two male leads. I WALK ALONE can also be said to have kick-started the directorial career of former technician Byron Haskin which lasted for twenty versatile years; unfortunately, that fact is borne out by the surprising lack of pace (which makes the film seem longer than its 98-minute running-time) and a rather weak climactic confrontation. Even so, the film is most interesting in the way it depicts the change in crime syndication (from streetwise toughness in the bootlegging Depression days to business acumen in the capitalist post-WWII era) that occurred during the fourteen years Lancaster spent behind bars: this is highlighted in a sharply amusing sequence when accountant Corey wrecks Lancaster's dream of owning half of Douglas' business empire (as they had verbally agreed on all those years before) by disclosing in "double-talk" the complex legal relationship that exists between the various companies owned by Douglas!

Reviewed by MartinHafer 7 / 10

Overall, a good film but it has a few bone-headed moments

"I Walk Alone" is an irritating film because it's really, really good. However, at times, there are a few bone-headed moments that just made the script look a bit rough. It's a shame, as with a few minor changes, this one easily could have earned an 8 or possibly a 9.

After 15 years in prison, Frankie (Burt Lancaster) is released and he beats a path to the nightclub run by Noll (Kirk Douglas). It seems that when Lancaster was caught by the police, he could have implicated Noll as well but kept his mouth shut. And, the two had a deal that when the other got out of prison, they'd split everything 50-50. However, despite having a very successful club and lots of dough, Noll isn't about to give half of his fortune to Frankie--no matter what they agreed to. There's quite a bit more to the film than this--including a third guy, Dave (Wendell Corey) whose loyalties seem all over the place as well as a dame (there's always a dame...played by Lizbeth Scott).

There's a lot to like in the film--particularly the acting. In addition, the camera-work is great as is the beating scene (it's amazingly brutal and realistic--though it could have used a bit more blood). The street scenes late in the film had a great use of shadows--a film noir trademark. However, despite a decent script idea, a few times it really let down the audience. One major mistake was having Dave announce to Noll that he's going to do the right thing and he is going to cross Dave. Now we have already seen that Noll is bad...very, very bad. So, why would Dave be dumb enough to announce his intentions to Noll?! Of COURSE Noll is going to have Dave killed...that's what bad people do when you threaten them!!!! Duh... Also, at the end, Noll asks the cops to let him have a farewell as they're taking him in--and they let him go behind the bar and grab his gun!!! Isn't he a suspect in murder?! So, why let him have a chance to do anything like this?! Cops can't be that dumb!

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