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Steven Yeun as Kenny
Archie Panjabi as Priya Varma
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by the_wolf_imdb 1 / 10

Hipster-class "scifi"

I have expected a lot from this movie. A lot of people have praised it as a great movie that literally blows the Hollywood out of water. I'm shocked into disbelief how the public today can assume the movie is clever and spiritual even if it is so incredibly shallow and stupid. Maybe they got confused by the cool soundtrack and the fact the actors do wear glasses.

Well. The movie has a lot of very bad flaws. For the start it is insanely boooooring. Basically there is nothing going on for almost two hours. It is not surprising, there are not twists. Not a single one. Well there is an elevator. So we know someone is going to die here, it is obvious at least five minutes earlier. We do know the scientist will go full spiritual, it is obvious at least one and half hour earlier. "I have been hipster scientist and now I'm hipster believer." This level of shallowness is just stunning.

The movie is not emotional. It has same level of emotions as displayed in "Melancholia", "Her" or "Another Earth" - I do mean there is just single emotion, which is kinda mixed out of passivity, longing, sadness and guilt.

The movie is not scientific. The level of science displayed in this movie is analogous to the Penny in the Big Bang Theory: You will let the actors to wear glasses and to say "molecules". Well, here is the "science".

The movie is incredibly pretending, shallow and stupid. It completely focuses on surface and totally abandons any attempt to make anything clever. Cool camera, cool haircuts, cool sadness, one single emotion, completely absurd premises. What has happened to the public that this is applauded as a great scifi flick? What about "Memento", "Blade Runner"? "The Moon"? "The Box"? Those are great and deep scifi movies.

This is just movie analog of Starbucks decaf vanilla latte: It looks cool but it is not coffee anymore. It already lost all the qualities and it only resembles greatness.

Reviewed by fawn_jane 5 / 10


This movie is just barely watchable. Basically it consists of irritatingly cutsie baby-faced actors poorly imitating intelligent scientists engaged in deep philosophical conversation. The way the actors interact with each other and their environment barely resembles reality.

The romance is shallow and cringe-worthy, like something a preteen would think up: Anonymous hook-ups and stalking somehow portrayed as an appealing, convincing backdrop to a life-changing romance.

The main character is a scientist who has exactly two coworkers, and zero managers or bosses or advisors, throughout his entire career, and can fly around the world at a moments notice on a whim.

Usually I'm not one to criticize the "science" in a movie like this, but they didn't even try! In the end it comes down to a guy randomly finding a little girl on the street, (of course she's the right girl, of course she speaks English!) and dragging her into a hotel, and no one raises an eyebrow at this. Then he gives her a multiple choice test in the most biased and error-prone way imaginable. Then even though the questions were all 1:3/33% chance, for some reason its unimpressive that she got 44% correct. Statistically, that would impressive if there wasn't someone emotionally attached to the outcome and who knows all the right answers, staring at the test-taker in the face while they make their choices.

Then the ending is open-ended in a way that is intended to be though-provoking and deep, but actually is anti-climactic.

Okay, so now that my ranting is out of the way, actually the movie isn't that bad. It has some touching moments occasionally, its worth watching if you're bored. But the ending leaves much to be desired, it feels unfinished, and overall the movie just seems like its geared to appeal to preteens whose brains are not fully formed and don't really have a fleshed-out concept of how the adult-world works.

Reviewed by axapvov 5 / 10

Motion Picture Script

Mike Cahill obviously knows the "backwards" trick. I don´t blame him, the ending is very emotional and well managed. Kind of spectacular, even. He must have listened to Radiohead´s "Motion Picture Soundtrack" and thought "I gotta put this on my next film". The problem is, because of that trick being unpolished, everything until that point is terribly mechanical (best summary I can think of without spoilers). Some parts are sloppy, some are rushed and some others are both. It does get better as it goes, though, the low point being definitely the beginning (now, why would that be?). There´s enough going on to be entertained and the concept should provide some discussion but, frankly, it´s not a very good movie. I totally recommend it.

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