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Reviewed by blerinaa-47372 9 / 10

I love the intercultural peak he gives in his movies.

The main actor is like a mini Al Pacino can't tell weather his looks does it or his acting as well. He's just adorable. This movie was not only entertaining but i also learned from it. I like the fact that Henri's movies are a window into different cultures as well as the interaction of them in America. I wish there were more directors that did that as all of the American cities are full of multicultural communities and their movies don't mirror this as much. Like the blond guy "Dolby" said, something along the lines, there's a reason why all the bad guys in movies are Russian. Nevertheless in educative movies such as this light spirited dance movie maybe there should not have been any violence for we should always preach intelligent or artsy competition not that of force but these things do happen sometime.

PS: On the "Goofs" part someone notes that it should be night in Greece when in US is daytime but they are wrong if they think about it there are times that both places get sun i.e. it could be 8-am here which makes it 5-pm there - nine hours difference - Just saying do your math before putting up something silly like that.

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