I Feel Pretty



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Emily Ratajkowski as Mallory
Amy Schumer as Renee Bennett
Michelle Williams as Avery LeClaire
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BiiivAL 7 / 10

Eat, hammer, love

Director's tandem "In active search" Abby Kon / Mark Silverstein releases a slightly straight-line tape about the hard share of a woman in the Big City.

Lonely girl Renee (Amy Schumer) working as a sysadmin in a company that produces elite cosmetics. Her job is to maintain the site. Her office is a closet in the basement. Her only employee is "IT in a vacuum" Mason (Adrian Martinez). Her weight is above normal. Its forms are not ideal. Her closest friends are the same lonely matrons. Its prospects are vague, and the future ... What is the future? ..

But one day the Universe rewards Renee with a blow to the simulator, after which the main character, without changing externally, changes internally. Now she sincerely thinks of herself as a "bugini", turning others into her faith.

"Pretty woman on the whole head" is a theater of one actress. 36-year-old Amy Schumer already once again gets used to the role of a girl with typical teenage problems, devilishly skillfully transforming the nuances of her non-model appearance into a concentrated bunch of positive energy. Sumer groped for her niche, clearly defined her audience and now, without sputtering, sends that fervent greeting.

The trailer "Pretty Woman" creates a more repulsive impression at the expense of scenes taken out of context, when the "bugini" starts up in all serious ones, exposing their bodies to the show.

In fact, the full meter turned out to be much more kind, warm and places really ridiculous. And the wild dances shown in the video, in the outline of the whole timing, acquire a completely different color. In the active picture we also enter the love line, touchingly played by the tamer of Sumer-Skovel.

Full self-irony tape sends its viewers an unambiguous message that you need to love yourself here and now. Despite the fact that the surrounding reality crushes someone with established canons, and a glossy instagramchik every day makes him pinch his side in search of extra kilos. This world will love you right after you love yourself.

Unfortunately, in a noble attempt to convey the main idea to the masses, the authors often swim for buoys, and they are demolished by a storm of frank, straightforward moralizing. Omitting the two-hour effort of Amy Schumer, which is laid out in the "Beauty" for 100%, the writers for some reason attribute to the hero whole sermons that closer to the final credits can spoil the impression of the picture.

In general, "Pretty woman on the whole head" - a good comedy with a positive mood. It is recommended for viewing, both to couples, and to those who have not yet grown fond of themselves enough.

Reviewed by Mesayon 10 / 10

What The Hell?

Surprised to see how low the rating is for this movie. I went to see this movie when I felt like giving up on life in the hope that it would help me feel better and it did. After watching I Feel Pretty I realized it's not about what happens in my life, but how I see it. Wonderful movie I love it

Reviewed by mrharrypaulson 2 / 10

Aren't there writers in Hollywood anymore?

I just couldn't believe it. They are kind of remaking Shallow Hal, Shallow Hal ! Is there a drought in Hollywood? No writers? If this gets the go ahead from a corporation who's in the business of making money, I don't know what they're doing because this is not going to make money and it certainly won't break barriers, or tell us something new. Where are the writers of Barbershop (2002) or The Ref or Death Becomes Her, three examples of very smart & very funny. I Feel Pretty has one saving grace, Michelle Williams. She is completely there for us that's why a 2 and not a 1 - Do I sound pedantic? I'm sorry, I really am.

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