I Dream Too Much


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
IMDb Rating 5 10 248


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Diane Ladd as Vera
Casper Andreas as Photographer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jeffreygenung 8 / 10

Wonderful Theme

This movie is light hearted, fun and has a solid message. It reminded me of Ann of Green Gables. The acting and story line are engaging. I'd like to see more movies like this being made that highlight women of substance.

There was one part that seemed as though it skipped ahead or somehow a scene was missing but overall the scenes flowed together seamlessly.

The story outlined in this movie helps shine light on the wonderful qualities of a strong-minded young women, especially when she is fortunate enough to find a quality mentor that can help guide but also grow from the relationship. Well done and highly recommended.

Reviewed by glynn-66069 9 / 10

Poetic and Intellectual

I had the privilege of attending the premier at SXSW in Austin and even had the chance to meet some of the cast members. Not an action-packed film by all means, but a poetic and intellectual story with added levels of complexity true to the relationships of women. They empower one another in different ways to help each other achieve their own dreams. At the same time, they also help each other through dark times which brought out the best in themselves. Crisp and white winter sceneries brought a sense of peace and serenity throughout the film. Veteran Diane Ladd's performance was outstanding with several up and coming actresses to look out for!

Reviewed by relaxalot 9 / 10

A winning gem of a movie!

As someone who craves movies about interesting people and who has no love for movies about "superheroes" or movies that glorify violence I was delighted to see this lovely heartfelt movie "I Dream Too Much." The movie revolves around a charming young woman played winningly by Eden Brolin who has a unique presence void of clich├ęs and who has a fertile imagination which serves her in navigating her post college path. Her counter point in this movie is her irascible Great Aunt played with great charisma and conviction by Diane Ladd who is a standout in this production. The movie is shot in Saugerties, New York which is captured beautifully by DP Alex Rappaport. Writer/Director Katie Cokinos has made a movie you can enjoy for it's subtle currents of evolving sensibilities about the things that matter in navigating the contours of lead character Dora's life and may remind all of us about the importance of what we already have when we are searching for what we desire.

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