I Am Wrath


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Rebecca De Mornay as Vivian Hill
John Travolta as Stanley Hill
Amanda Schull as Abbie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Wilem MacLeod 1 / 10

So poorly produced it's painful to watch

This movie must have sounded great when they wrote the outline on a gin- soaked bevnap in some LA nightclub/pre-rehab center.

Elements of several movie franchises are crammed into one very messy omelet of trope and cliché. My guess is that when they realized how old Travolta had gotten, there only solution was to toss Meloni into the mix.

The movie has so many plot holes, continuity errors and thick headed moments your eyes will hurt from so much rolling.

Reviewed by RoboRabbit89 6 / 10

John Travolta makes this film watchable and fun.

Let me get to it, this film was not half bad. John Travolta is a very good actor and I feel for a direct to DVD film as this is was done exceptionally well by director Chuck Russell.

The story is your typical revenge thriller formula but I think this was elevated by Chuck Russell and John.

When I first seen this my expectations were low but was pleasantly surprised on how it was handled.

The action scenes are pretty good for it's budget, the writing is average at best but again it's elevated by the director and John.

Overall a good direct to DVD action film that is fun to watch, there is just enough action scenes, one liners and thrills to keep you entertained.

I give it a 6/10. I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by a_chinn 3 / 10

Travolta does Bronson… badly

First off, I thought John Travolta had accepted his male pattern baldness, but based upon the terrible wig atop his head in this film, I guess that is not the case. Besides the bad wig, we have yet another middle aged vigilante "Death Wish" knock-off. Travolta plays a mild mannered upright citizen who's wife, Rebecca De Mornay, is murdered during a mugging gone wrong, but when the justice system sets the murderers free, it's up to Vinnie Barbarino to go all Charles Bronson on these lowlifes. To help him go all Mr. Majestic on his wife's murderers, he enlists the help of lowlife friend Christopher Meloni, which is kind of fun since Meloni played a straight arrow cop on "Law & Order" for so many years. Also in the film's favor is director Chuck Russell, who did the underrated remake of "The Blob," Jim Carrey's best comedy, "The Mask," and also directed everyone's favorite Nightmare on Elm Street sequel, Dream Warriors. The film was also shot by Andrzej Sekula, who did "Pulp Fiction" and "Reservoir Dogs" among may other respectable genre films. However, the script for "I Am Wrath" is such an awful mishmash of clichés that it renders the film nearly unwatchable. Outside of not being able to take my eyes off of Travolta's terrible rug, Meloni is the only thing worth watching in the film. If you need a recent vigilante film fix, stick with Kevin Bacon in "Death Sentence," Keanu Reeves in "John Wick," or Michael Caine in "Harry Brown."

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