I Am Legend


Action / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 70%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 68%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 611205


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Will Smith as Robert Neville
Emma Thompson as Dr. Alice Krippin
Alice Braga as Anna
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kristine 4 / 10

I Am Disappointed

I Am Legend was the best looking film release for early December; I was looking forward to it, like many others I am sure. So I saw I Am Legend tonite with my boyfriend, now after the movie we just looked at each other and had that disappointed look and then the audience just looked around and just walked out grunting and I heard nothing but "that was a waste of money". That's definitely not a good thing. I think the problem was definitely the script, the story was not explained well as well as the character development needed improvement. The way that I Am Legend was shot very well, it had a very isolated and cold feeling. Will Smith does a fine job of acting; his best though? Not so much. The story also took a strange turn from Sci-Fi to religion towards the end. Not to mention, was this a zombie film? I don't know, because it was never explained.

Robert Neville is a scientist who is the last man alive in New York City. A cure of cancer has gone horribly wrong and killed off almost 90% of the human population. The cure has turned people rabid and has made them feed on humans. Robert has lost his family in trying to get them out of New York during the evacuation, but he is dedicated to finding a cure for this virus. Along with his only companion, his dog, Samantha, he has to survive this scary and isolated world and try to find the last survivors before he goes insane or gets attacked by these creatures.

I Am Legend had good ideas, like I said, the script just needed major work. Like with Robert's flash backs, it seemed like they just stopped the story at that point and didn't explain how the rest of the population died out and how he was really the ONE and ONLY person who survived New York's virus. I know he said he was immune, but no one else was? Major spoiler: they killed his dog off almost in the beginning of the film which didn't seem right to me. I Am Legend is one of the year's biggest disappointments with me, I guess not everything Will Smith touches is gold. If you want to see I Am Legend, please just expect a lot of confusion and not much of a story, I am very disappointed.


Reviewed by isabeladams-14690 1 / 10

Terrible movie

The dog dies and I cried so much and it ruined the whole movie for me. The dog did not need to die. This is terrible and the dog should have lived until the end. Don't get me loving this animal and then rip my heart out and stomp on it.

Reviewed by jacobjohntaylor1 9 / 10

One really scary movie.

This is a great movie. Very scary. It has a great story line It also has great acting. It a remake of a 1964 movie called the last man on earth. I last man on earth is awful. This is a lot better. The first remake of this movie is made it 1971 it is call Omega man. It is also very bad. This is a lot better. It has great special effects. See this movie. It is one of the best horror films ever.

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