Hustler White


Action / Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hddu10 2 / 10

Very Derivative of John Waters...

...and not the later "Serial Mom" stuff, but rather the much earlier, extremely low-budget schlocky shock-fare such as "Pink Flamingos". As has been stated here previously, whenever you have a writer/director/actor attempting to showcase their "talent" (see: lack thereof) you are usually in for some self-indulgent, cringe-worthy moments-- and LaBruce absolutely delivers. As this was done in the 90s before the advent of the digital media age, one can almost forgive the poor sound quality, "off" editing and low-quality shots in general...almost. Unfortunately there is no strong script, acting or dialogue to offset this "low budget" feel. The film almost seems like it was made as an inside joke for a close circle of friends of LaBruce, who consistently told him "you're so funny, you should totally make a movie about that!" Well...he did...and cinematography is all the poorer for it.

Reviewed by Suradit 1 / 10

Amazingly bad

If you enjoy stories based on ridiculous premises; if you're a devotee of deplorable acting; if you get a kick out of seeing naked men who, for the most part, would be best filmed in really dim lighting, this is the movie for you.

The lead character is reasonably good, but most of the supporting cast seem to specialize in over-acting while spending their time unsuccessfully searching for ways to speak that don't sound like Nathan Lane and Martin Short trying to be too camp.

Reminds me of porn produced 40 years ago with modest improvements in the technical results.

Reviewed by michellelocke007 5 / 10

interesting piece of unabashed gay cinema *spoiler*

caught this move on my cable network and was surprised that a film with such graphic and explicit scenes would air on television at around ten o'clock. nonetheless i settled in to watch this piece by famed director and photographer Bruce labruce who hails from Toronto, Canada. i still haven't formed a solid opinion of whether or not i like this film as it is difficult to classify. there were many interesting aspects such as the camera following the different characters/hustler around west Hollywood as they waited for their next meal ticket of sorts. the opening scene definitely got my attention as it came at you fast and furious and relentless. the sex scenes themselves were on the boring side except like the rest of the reviewers the amputee gay sex scene. the grittiness and edginess of the the picture made it more realistic though i could have done without the one scene where a male hustler gets his leg run over by a car that tony ward's character is driving and is shown in graphic detail. while i've been an admirer of tony ward's previous work as a runway model and Madonna's boy toy he looks haggard and beaten down in this flick. labruce's other films such as raspberry Reich and skin flick all seem to have the same elements ie. graphic in your face gay sex, political themes and messages and unsavoury characters. a film that will have people talking i can't say i would watch it again. but if you're aware of labruce's style than you might like it. to all others, stay away.

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