Humanoids from the Deep


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 56%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42%
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Doug McClure as Jim Hill
Vic Morrow as Hank Slattery
Ann Turkel as Dr. Susan Drake
Denise Galik as Linda Beale
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GL84 10 / 10

One of the better Corman movies around

In the small town of Noyo, a series of strange events to the fish off the coast leads to the town calling in a scientist who finds that the attacks are the mutated offspring of failed genetic tests and teams up with a local fisherman to stop the creatures from mating with human women.

This is certainly one of the better creature features in Corman's collection. One of the films' better qualities in that the stellar pacing here results in plenty of action so that you're never bored with this film. This starts out strong and doesn't let up with something happening almost every five minutes or less so that this is a very action-packed film, whether it's an attack like the opening in the boat where the creature strikes and kills everyone on-board through various means, the ambush in the cove or the later attack where they chase the nude woman along the beach all provide this with some solid action of some kind in the film. Other scenes like the cannery attack, the creatures' attacking the townspeople as the discovery of the bodies slowly brings the full circle of what's going on or the group appearing at the creatures' hideout all manage to have great use here with a lot of action as well, with the highlight of the film undoubtedly being the ending attack on the carnival. The creatures appear en masse, over-powering the running humans and dragging them down to rape them while the creatures are being gunned down all over the facility gives this plenty to like while in conjunction with the simultaneous attacks being conducted as well as the final method of dealing with the creatures which is exceptionally fun. There is also tons of gore thrown in for good measure, from having their throats ripped out, a person's back is ripped open, another has a leg amputated, another is gutted and the long claws are also seen ripping through flesh and bone, we get abundant gore throughout this one. The nudity is also abundant as well, featuring enough naked bodies to give any red-blooded male a dream woman for a while. It adds nicely to the exploitation-tinged storyline present here which is really appreciated for the most part. The last plus here is the fact that the Humanoids are very creepy and look like suitably evil creatures with the long, gangly arms, the large claws, the moss growing off their back and shoulders, and the face which looks suitably grotesque all providing plenty to like about this one. There is only one complaint about the film. What ends up holding it down is that the cry that the creatures give is utterly annoying. Instead of making them seem scary, it got on my nerves, and that isn't something that a film should do. If they change the creatures cry from what sounds like a scared mouse, this film would be a little better.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Nudity, numerous Rape scenes, suggested and shown animal violence and Language.

Reviewed by MisterWhiplash 4 / 10

tasteless, even for a Corman picture

You know your movie is in trouble when even the creature-on-girl stuff is sloppy.

Roger Corman always prided himself (at least up until a certain point in his career, and this is still his New World Pictures era when there was.... well, it was before Carnosaur and Sharktopus, let's put it that way) on having cheesy B-movie fun with things but also having some level of quality or interest in *something* else that could be there for the audience. That isn't there in Humanoids from the Deep.

This is where he tries, whether this was his call or incidental from the writers I don't know, to put in some liberal-type element into the story with the Native American Indian who's land is being screwed with and... who cares? A lot of this movie feels like wasted potential in that it has a who-gives-a-s*** plot, but then the creature effects (or, I should say, the three creature suits, one of them only being completed by Rob Bottin) are pretty good and when the climax happens there's some creative editing to make it seem like there are more when, of course, there aren't, with some decent gore (although it's almost ruined by the repeated 5-second loop of screaming sound effects which I wouldn't notice except it's repeated 100 times in ten minutes). Also, James Horner's score is fine and does its job as a serious thriller score.

But there's a reason this feels lazy on multiple fronts; the movie is a Frankenstein monster of editing, where, as Corman admits without compunction on the Shout Factory DVD interview, that he and the editors took the movie away from Barbara Peters because, as Corman put it, there wasn't enough rape that she shot (the kinder version is that she didn't shoot enough sex and violence, which also had a different title, whether she knew this would be changed from "Beneath the Darkness" to this one who knows). So on the one hand there's a passable-to-just-okay-and... no, there's not much logic to it on one hand (plus the performances are by actors who are barely B level, more like C), and on the other a sleazy bag of exploitation movie tricks that Corman and his assistant directors and editors pull to make it more tantalizing. Not to mention, of course, the fact that these mutated salmon-mansters do in fact inseminate the women which has, naturally, a payoff at the very, very end which, surprisingly, feels tacked on when all is said and done.

I could go into why a lot of the human story stuff doesn't work or lacks logic - chiefly why, after that opening where several people DIE IN A FIRE on a boat and no one investigates this (or the multiple dead dogs, which gets a shrug from the would-be excuses for Stephen King characters, as in they'd be in King stories if he lacked talent) - but I don't see the point. You may take to this schlock, but I didn't find enough to keep me really engaged past a certain point, despite the last twenty minutes trying to throw as much as it can at you. It certainly does try as far as lots of blood and gore and breasts (and some of those breasts, I'll readily admit, look splendid). But even at 79 minutes this is pushing it.

Reviewed by fairlesssam 4 / 10

Invasion of the fish men!

A small town is attacked by the humanoids of the deep after experiments go wrong. The humanoids want to mate with the town's young women. They go round killing and attacking everyone, no one is safe.

I thought this movie was fun. The cast is great and the acting isn't bad for a 1980 sci-fi flick. The humanoids looked fab, especially their bulbous brains! The plot is also good. The characters could have done with a little more development but all-in-all a watchable and fairly enjoyable sci-fi horror.

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