Howling VI: The Freaks


Action / Comedy / Drama / Horror

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Deep Roy as Toones
Carol Lynley as Miss Eddington
Bruce Payne as R.B Harker
Antonio Fargas as Bellamey

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Reviewed by hellholehorror 6 / 10

Memorable for one amazing reason

VHS. Three words of doom for films on DVD. Not the worst VHS transfer but still bad. It was just about palatable. The sound was a bit ropey at best. Sounded mono as it came from my centre speaker even with my surround up scaling. There is one stellar scene that I will never forget. A lot of the rest of it is quite slow but that is fine as the main scenes are actually pretty cool. It has a badass villain. Cheese but very enjoyable cheese. Memorable for one amazing reason.

Reviewed by manisimmati 5 / 10

A Forgettable Werewolf Carnival

A mysterious young man named Ian makes his home in a small town, where he falls in love with Elisabeth, a preacher's daughter. All is well. But wait! A creepy traveling circus visits town, and its leader Harper has some shady business going on. There seems to be a connection between Ian and Harper - a connection that threatens to cause turmoil in the peaceful town.

The never-ending Howling series is back, this time with Part VI: "The Freaks". Like its precursor "Howling V", this movie is alright, but nothing to write home about. The story is okay and the characters are likable enough. At least they gave them some defined features, which is a rarity in the Howling franchise. The circus atmosphere is kinda creepy and the transformation scenes are cool. The editing does a better job than the special effects, though. This wouldn't be the Howling without some blunders. I counted two boom mics hanging in the screen, maybe there are more. Classic.

"Howling VI" doesn't have too many horror scenes: There's a nicely timed jump scare, three transformation scenes, a bloody corpse and that's basically it. This movie is more about the conflict between Ian and Harper. The script raises an interesting question: What does it mean to be a "freak" and a social outcast? But it doesn't provide satisfying answers. Instead, it backtracks into a generic love story. Still, it's nice that they even touched a topic like that. The acting is fairly decent this time around. Brendan Hughes as Ian is sympathetic, and Bruce Payne as the evil Harker hams it up delightfully. Michele Matheson's voice is a bit annoying, but she does a good job as the love interest Elisabeth.

"Howling VI" made me care about the characters, which is a novelty. But this movie won't transform the Howling franchise into a prestigious horror series. A zealous plot featuring likable characters doesn't make a suspenseful horror flick, after all. The execution is as subpar as ever. It's one of the more proficient Howling movies. But that doesn't mean it's worthy of your time.

Reviewed by b_kite 7 / 10

The Howling series joins a carnival freak show. Good Installment.

A villainous carnival owner (Bruce Payne) traps a young werewolf Ian (Brenden Hughes) to include in his growing menagerie of inhuman exhibits. However, Ian escapes with the help of his love Elizabeth (Michele Matheson) and a supernatural battle ensues between the villain Harker and the kindly Ian.

Howling VI: The Freaks was a pretty enjoyable little film to sit throw, this was director Hope Perello's first film, she would go on to only direct two comedies after this and that's it, what I can see she does a good job here., The only thing that really kills this one is the werewolf effects which look more like a hairy man then anything else, Steve Johnson and company (who also did the effects for Parts two and four) did the effects here and while I like him and his team, the werewolf and transformations just mostly falls flat, its like they had good intentions, but, didn't have the budget to go all the way. This one also like part three has a plot which makes you fell for the werewolf rather then route against them, there's also a sly reference to part five here as well, when Elizabeth She who played Mary Lou who turned out to be the werewolf from that film makes a brief cameo here, my favorite Howling sequel still has to be Howling V but part six is definitely second, making both of these probably the best of the sequels. the acting was decent and Bruce Payne who played Harker really did a nice job in one of his earlier performances, Brenden Hughes as Ian also does fine as well, the rest of the cast in pretty decent with veteran actress Carol Lynley and Antonio Fargas of "Starsky & Hutch" fame also here as supporting characters.

As for violence, there's not really a lot of gore, some werewolf and vampire kills nothing to graphic, bodies show up latter in the film bloodied, a vampire in the end disintegrates is kind of nasty. As for nudity None, that I could remember.

All in all, Its pretty entertaining when the whole werewolf, vampire action isn't going on, the carnival scenes manage to keep your attention till the good stuff shows up. As said along with Part five its the best of the sequels so far so definitely give it a watch.

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