How I Live Now


Action / Drama / Romance / Sci-Fi / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 67%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 55%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 24489


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Saoirse Ronan as Daisy
Tom Holland as Isaac
George MacKay as Eddie
Anna Chancellor as Aunt Penn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jeffrey Dougal 10 / 10

Pleasant Surprise

Somehow this movie escaped my attention for a few years. I love it when I find a sleeper that is really good - Spartan with Val Kilmer comes to mind.

This movie runs the whole gamut of emotions, from the pleasantness of being in the beautiful English countryside, to the evil side of mankind. The story, acting, cinematography, everything was just great!

Reviewed by endymionng 6 / 10

Bizarre concoction

First of let me say that I didn't mind the love-story or the connection between the involved... - However it fills the later half of the movie to an extent that is just syrupy and sappy in the extreme. No way that anyone sane is going to be that obsessed by a boy while world war III is occurring around her - At least I hope not... Saoirse Ronan is exceptional, while the rest doesn't have much of a story. The production is notably cheap, but it is still pretty well made on a budget. Way to many cuts though.

As an introduction to the cozy catastrophe version of the post apocalyptic genre it is interesting, but sadly could have had so much more impact if the love story were either removed entirely or at the very least dialed way down. A much better look at this genre is Terry Nations's classic "Survivor" TV-series from 1978.

Reviewed by Devo X 7 / 10

much better than reviews suggest

I'm struggling to understand why the reviews aren't better. It's a magnificent film, from a long and difficult source, turned into a fine screenplay. One of the best gangster movies in many years. Sprawling, epic, lovingly photographed and well acted, the film shows that Hollywood can still make good genre films if the script is right. You have to like Afflect to go along with this project, but his character and his performance have depth and the support cast are uniformly believable, the prohibition/gangster era is well-wrought and the story maintains its tempo all the way. It avoids clich├ęs as much as possible , given the genre, and remains plausible throughout.It's well worth your time.

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