House of Usher


Action / Drama / Fantasy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 90%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 74%
IMDb Rating 7 10 9979


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Vincent Price as Roderick Usher
Mark Damon as Philip Winthrop
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fbcosmin-70806 1 / 10

What a waste of time !!

I am sorry I watched this movie. What a waste of time ! No plot, no respect for the story, no terror, no nothing. Not even Vincent Price's play could save this stereotype, boring, colorless movie. It was an absurd situation, with a permanent hesitating lover, who just has stupid dialogues instead of acting, taking his fiancée away.

Reviewed by mike48128 8 / 10

One of Roger Corman's Better films with Vincent Price

With a quarter of a million dollar budget from AIP, a surprisingly decent adaptation (by Richard Matheson)of the well-known and well-worn Edgar Allen Poe tale. An almost perfect cast except for a too-young male lead; it is spellbinding. As noted by many other reviewers, "The House" is one of the major characters in the film as it groans, moans, and creaks its way toward the horrific fire and destruction that is inevitable. There is a depressing "tone" of melancholy throughout, especially expressed by the "heroine" of the piece. Highly recommended and that's quite rich praise for anything that Roger Corman ever produced and directed! It revived Vincent Price's career for a second time. Almost "out of print" and therefore overpriced as a collectable, so look for it on Turner Classic Movies which now shows AIP releases.

Reviewed by moonspinner55 4 / 10

Fussy production and a drowsy pace derail Roger Corman's first foray into Poe

Outside of Boston, a young man travels to the family mansion of his betrothed, only to find she's living under the thumb of her drug-addicted brother, who believes he and his sister are both doomed and their homestead is a palace of evil. Producer-director Roger Corman and screenwriter Richard Matheson tackle Edgar Allan Poe for American International, its title shortened from "The Fall of the House of Usher". A blond Vincent Price, speaking very slowly as the creepy Roderick Usher, has mostly expository dialogue, continually filling us in on Usher family history; Corman allows Price to do his thing, but he is of no help to the other performers, particularly sweethearts Mark Damon and Myrna Fahey (both wretched). The creaking, crumbling castle looks ominous from the outside, yet the interiors are brightly-lit and full of color, while the actors are so immaculately coiffed and made-up they look ready for a costume ball. Matheson aims for a suspenseful mood rather than outright shocks, and Corman plays up the billowing curtains and slamming doors, but their picture resembles a connect-the-dots job, a juvenile Gothic, one further handicapped by Corman's funereal pacing. ** from ****

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