Hotel Transylvania 2


Action / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 53%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 76968


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Adam Sandler as Dracula
Selena Gomez as Mavis
Nick Offerman as Grandpa Mike
Steve Buscemi as Wayne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sharynf-61930 9 / 10

Thumbs up

I just saw this (2017), and for a senior citizen (& Vlad fan), I got a kick out of it;

so many quotable quotes (was it 'OMSatan' or OMDevil'?; I didn't know which way the plot was going but a great ending; looking forward to 2018 production; nice to have stars doing the rolls; I couldn't tell who was who for sure, so went to IMDb; in the meantime, will see if I can find the first of the series. :-} :-} :-} :-}

Reviewed by tim-vanlaere 5 / 10

Too stylized

I watched this movie in 3D, which should be an immersive experience.

The animations are done very well, the direction or writing is *very* bad. The movie doesn't flow and feels like it pulled apart another animation movie, made their observations into "rules and laws" and recomposed it in fragments. So it turns out to be a mozaïque of something else trying to be something new. It didn't work.

The entire movie felt as if they have made a storyboard and had sent these boards slide by slide to the animation department to render the scenes without any transition. And then over-manage the scenes while there isn't any transition. Like a slideshow.

Added to this, when two characters interact, the atmosphere is gone. It's usually an empty room, slightly faded in the background. The only moment there is much going on is on the party, but then there is too much chaos to take it all in. While other scene's were rushed in and felt empty. While music felt artificially placed instead of blending away.

For example, you have a dialogue character one says something. Expression. second character does a motion and expression in a different scene it seems. Zip back to the first character, says another thing. Slight pauze. Then the other character frowns, in another setting it seems. Back closeup to the first character. It's too, fragmented. And doesn't flow. This movie doesn't flow at all. It's like sitting in an amusementpark ride, and a sensor trips to display a scene of animatronics. The door closes, the animatronics die out. Another opens. Another animatronic.

Not even to mention the attempt to put in some stereotypes through voicing. The voicing is so without emotion and so dry. Say line. Stop. Say next line. Stop. The animators on this movie were very wonderful, the others not so much. It was a waste of my time and probably you too.

Reviewed by ketue 3 / 10

Headache-inducing garbage

I am only writing this review because of the sheer amount of good reviews that I do not understand. With all respect to the wonderful animators and artists who made this movie at least as visually appealing as it is and the animation is absolutely gorgeous, the writing itself is trash. Most of the characters are one-dimensionally annoying and even a redemption scene didn't manage to make them any more likable. How can you have a movie full of cool monsters and make them into boring cheap "we-so-hip-and-cool-now" characters I do not fully understand, but that is exactly what happened here. Honestly, if it weren't for the ever-present emphasis on how much cooler and better the modern culture was and all the dancing and flashing lights, I wouldn't be as harsh on this movie as I am, but god was it irritating to watch. Also, the ending totally ruined any message the movie was trying to convey concerning wee Denis and his humanity. Because hey, it doesn't matter who you are, we love you no matter wha- OH THANK GOD, YOU ARE A VAMPIRE AFTER ALL. To sum up: + great animation and the design is unique enough - story, characters, message of this thing, Dracula (yes, he deserves to be mentioned extra. Loved him in the first movie, profoundly hated him in this one)

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