Hotel Inferno


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rolando 10 / 10

If you want relentless splatter this is it...

This is a movie that is all about the gore/splatter. It promises that and you get that.

When you have decided that you want to see a gore/splatter movie this will give a good movie.

The dialogues are not of film art, and there is some overacting possibly, but for me it didn't matter - actually it gave it a feel of a game at times and not necessarily in a negative way.

Notice that this is the only horror movie that I know of that is entirely in first person view.

Reviewed by trashgang 4 / 10

rather boring but ull of extreme gore

Clearly inspired by Hardcore Henry (2016). This is a first person view flick the whole time were we follow a killer going on a hunt in a hotel but becomes the hunted.

The director Giulio De Santi is known for his gory cult flick Adam Chaplin (2011) but this one here is a rather boring flick. The story is very simple and the last twenty minutes it's all talking and explaining. So for people who want to see a good old horror, forget it BUT of course this flick do deliver on the gory stuff.

To be honest, you only watch it for the gore, smashing heads, shooting heads, stabbing, breaking bones, explosions on bodies, you get it, one for the gorehounds.

Sadly, I don't have a prob with ultra gore but you need a story to keep you attracted to the screen but as I said, gorehounds will love it. For me it didn't deliver what I thought it would e, weak story, strong on gore.

Gore 5/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 3/5 Story 0/5 Comedy 0/5

Reviewed by Mr.Crow 5 / 10

Not sure what I just watched tbh.

This movie is one of those POV movies like Hardcore Henry, so for people who get motion sickness you may want to stay away from this film.

Also this movie is freaking gory and bloody, extreme amount of violence in the film, some scenes done very well to just plain silly tomato ketchup looking scenes.

The main problem with the film is the main character, he just seems so off, his voice is weird, he seems like a dude perhaps in his 40's yet his voice has that weird "deckard cain" feel to it.

Don't expect this to be a good film or try to follow the story, because it is very vague on to what it wants you to understand. It honestly feels like a college project type of movie, a college movie that spent its whole entire budget on blood and makeup effects.

This is one of those "background noise" kinda movies, throw it on while your doing something else, you may see a cool scene or two. If you're a fan of the POV kinda movies like me you will find some enjoyment in it.

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