Hot Summer Nights



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 94%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 3138


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Emory Cohen as Dex
Maika Monroe as McKayla
Thomas Jane as Sergeant Calhoun
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stskotty 9 / 10


I wasn't necessarily excited about movie before watching it. I was expecting a sort of knock off of a coming of age comedy set in a specific time period, throw in some sex and music and you have a run of the mill flick I've seen versions of a hundred times before Let me assure you this is not that! What an absolutely unique, fun spin on an age old story The director takes this film to unexpected places and the 3 young lead actors are without a doubt the Hollywood A-list of tomorrow. If you are trying to decide if you want to watch this or something else do yourself a favor and watch Hot Summer Nights. It's completely different from what you think it will be in the best possible way

Reviewed by baileywiley 7 / 10

Hot summer Nights

This coming-to-age film starring some pretty decent talent with the likes of Maika Monroe and Thomas Jane, is about a boy who becomes entangled in a world of drugs, money, and corruption during one summer in Cape Cod, now going into this movie I saw nothing but the one trailer that was released of my knowledge, and was pretty much stoked. I'm a big fan of these underground goodies not enough people talk about, also the sheer fact you had the likes of Maika (It follows), which was reason enough to get me to watch it because that was a great film, and i was throughly surprised not only with the films setting, and plot. This film has great cinematography and a all around 80's feel to it from the clothes that these kids wear all the way to the drive in movie theater. And performance from all the cast is quite well from a Timothy who did well playing a shy, awkward kid. To Thomas Jane's Odd Cop role. It's a movie that I'll reconsider watching again, maybe even owning on blu Ray. Because the rewatchability is there

Reviewed by Osmosis Iron 8 / 10


It's hard to describe or categorize.. but maybe something like if you mixed together an offbeat coming of age tale, teenage crime drama and a love story.. set it in the early 90s and gave it a sublime soundtrack! It's intense and oozes style, seriously it's great go see it!

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