Hostel: Part III


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GL84 6 / 10

Rather enjoyable if flawed effort

Heading off for a bachelor party, a group of friends decide to leave their Las Vegas party for another gathering hosted by some friends only to learn that they've stumbled upon a group of torturers using the strip as their hunting grounds and must fight them off to get away alive.

This here was an enjoyable enough entry in the series. One of the more enjoyable parts to this one is the more enhanced and believable outcome of the society featured here that's quite thrilling. There's some nice work here detailing how they come about getting involved with the club as the opening party makes for a solid grouping of depravity and sleaze that works well in tying this into the rest of the series, and features a great way to bring about their eventual kidnapping and delivery into the system. That in itself leads to the film's greatest aspect in how this ties the torture system into the current location by showcasing the torture room as an attraction to gamble on for the patrons observing everything happening on a stage, and that fits into the location so well that it really adds nicely to the film by making these torture scenes much more engaging than they should be. As that also leads into the main part of the film which is the torture scenes in front of the patrons, that leaves this one with some pretty chilling scenes here with the facial and the insect swarm featuring some rather enjoyable elements. The finale, with its charge into their underground society which presents not only more brutality but a few rather ingenious twists thrown in as well which makes for a rather rousing and much more enjoyable outing than expected. There are a few problems here, mainly in the fact that like the rest of the films in the series its first half is dominated by the scenes outside the compound as it falls into endless scenes of them wandering around Vegas trying to find the missing people that it really doesn't even get to their society until the final half hour so the pacing to this is really off. Likewise, there's the fact that this one tends to throw itself into twists rather for the sake of ensuring a rather surprising aspect to this one, and it's piling on here simply for that reason. None of the real twists here are built upon doing this for any real reason other than this factor, and it's quite infuriating to get thrown another twist about what's happening simply for the manner of just getting that twist. Alongside some rather dodgy kills that look silly in execution, these here are what really hold this one down.

Rated R: Extreme Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Nudity and drug use.

Reviewed by John Naylor 4 / 10

A disappointing end to the series.

I have watched all three Hostel movies back to back in the past day. I found parts 1 and 2 were entertaining with some memorable ideas.

I found this one to be lacking the depth or interest that the first two have. Even the deaths seemed a little disappointing. Some of them just looked cheap and one of the most surprising things occurred to someone who was already dead.

The change of location also did not help the viewing. Slovakia was a an interesting setting. Las Vegas (the little we saw of it) just wasn't. I feel that the artificial nature of Las Vegas does mirror how much was lost from the series. The hunting club seemed devalued by the way it turned into a gambling show.

There are a lot of good ideas and 'what ifs' based around both this movie and the series. I would have loved this sequel to provide something new but in the end it just did not deliver like the first two movies did.

It does get better as it goes along. The third act has nearly all the best moments of the movie.

This was by no means a bad movie. It just lacked execution (in more ways than one). I can see why Eli Roth decided not to do it and also why it went straight to DVD.

4 stars. The last act earned 2 of those.

Reviewed by mistoppi 2 / 10

A disappointment

Since Eli Roth wasn't directing or writing Hostel part III, I thought that it will not be as good as the original two. I knew that, and still the third Hostel film disappointed me from the very beginning. It is completely distanced from the two previous film. Now they're not in Slovakia, but Las Vegas, which feels like a forced change. Was there a good reason not to use Slovakia anymore, or did Las Vegas just feel newer to the film-makers? The movie also feels distance to the viewer as well. Of course there is violence, scenes that should be extremely suspenseful, but for some reason they just aren't.

Something left the movies when Eli Roth left them. Partially it feels like the film-makers don't have as much passion, but they are doing this while their eyes look like dollar signs. But I doubt the third part was made to get some closure to the original two.

Hostel part III stands out, because it is an absolute failure compared to the other two. If you want to watch it, because you saw the first two, don't. This one feels like a completely different movie done with no passion at all. Even if the first two are basically just gore horror, they had a certain feeling to them, which made them as great as they are. That is missing from the third movie, which makes them a great disappointment.

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