Hostel: Part II


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by a_chinn 8 / 10

Effective sequel goes behind-the-scenes of the Elite Hunting Club, even if it offering nothing new thematically

Worthy sequel picks up where the original left off, with the one surviving protagonist of the first film, Jay Hernandez, back in America but still haunted by his ordeal. The film quickly cuts to a new group of ugly Americans abroad, this time a group of girls instead of boys, again with two party girls and one good-girl character. Writer/director Eli Roth wisely doesn't try to simply retell the same story again and he comes up with a smart solution for where to take the story, since the first film already revealed the purpose of "Elite Hunting Club," who offer torture and murder to the rich and powerful, this time taking the audience behind-the-scenes club's operations. Besides following a new group of girls who are target of the club, it also follows two rich guys on their first experience with the hunting club (one full of bluster and the other more mild mannered) along with their build up to their eventual descent into the torture chamber. As you'd expect, the two stories collide, but with quite unexpected results. My main complaint about the sequel is that it doesn't offer anything new thematically, but in terms of suspense and shock value, the film does manage to live up to the original and even exceed the first film in some respects. As with the first film, "Hostel: Part II" does not have wide appeal value and most viewers would find it a repellent endurance test, but if you are part of that narrow band of horror fans who this film does target, "Hostel: Part II" is a must see.

Reviewed by Darkdaxter 1 / 10

Ruins the first

I hated the first Hostel 1 star, and this film is leagues worse in every aspect. If I could, I would gladly rate it 0. They simply dumbed the main characters down even more and gender swapped them. I thought the pornographic stuff in this first movie was excessive and irrelevant to the plot, but it was at least fun in its own way. Here they reduced any sense of eroticism to pure trashiness (there isn't a single sex scene in this or even much kissing), which begs the question, 'Why is it even in the movie at all?' Even the gore is severely downplayed here with almost all of the action taking place off screen or being shoddily done.

One of the few good points of the first film was the believability in the kidnapping and general functioning of a kill club. Now it's somehow an international criminal syndicate with it's dark tendrils in the recesses and pockets of every corner of society (cue the evil laugh). If that were the case, why even bother hiding the club away? They might as well just kidnap people in broad daylight... Which they practically do in this film. I guess drugging people and spiriting them away was too easy, because they forcefully kidnap and restrain each victim here. And then they auction them off. So much for the anonymity. So much easier to torture people when you know their names. So much easier to hide your activities when you leave a paper trail...

The kill club worked in the first movie. They didn't show any sort of organizational hierarchy, only goons and scouters. Each client showed up, paid a lump sum in cash, and were presented with a body and a shed's worth of tools. This kept victims expendable. If you promise a specific person, then you have to maintain the merchandise. The rooms were smaller and grittier. It felt almost like a dungeon, but here it feels more like Dracula's cathedral. Not to mention the clients themselves were interesting in the first, but here they aren't compelling at all. It's always disappointing when an artist crafts something, and then destroys a piece of it you thought they understood perfectly in a sequel.

I had to force myself to sit through this abortion, watching it in three parts. I mean, seriously, how is the intro even longer and blander? How is there even less action overall? I guess we're putting on kid gloves for the girls because we're supposed to be extra horrified. Anything you thought was done well in the first was lost in translation, and all of it's flaws were amplified tenfold. Don't even bother.

Reviewed by Marizza Pia Andrade 5 / 10

Expected more, but still okay

Eh I guess I expected more from this. Yes, it's just a torture porn but some things were like wtf. Like, at the beginning, woman walks on her bf beheaded and her reaction is like "oh!". They did try to make the Beth the smart one, but even tho she did say couple of smart things (mainly warn her friend about shady guys that approach them), she herself took quite a long time to figure Axelle out while there were obvious hints (No one is that aggressively nice naturally while just leaving you alone in the pool and then appearing our of thin air when you get chased to "save you"). It's pretty predictable most of the way (one of my main pet peeves here is the classic: cool main character that is obviously going to win because his/her friends are dumb, shallow or just weird). And lets be real, you can play it that she survived cause she is smart and "badass" but the only real reason she lives is cause she's rich. Bonus points for that Bathory reference but that indeed appears to be the peak scene of this movie imo. Also, for a "torture porn", it doesn't really have that much of torture (or maybe I'm just numb to it at this point)

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