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Eli Roth as American Stoner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by realfandangoforever 5 / 10

Hostel II However...

171031: A second rate slasher flick. Nothing really stands out to me, not even the story. Hostel II however...

Reviewed by a_chinn 10 / 10

Unfairly dismissed as torture porn, it's one of the most effective horror films of the past 20 years.

Unfairly dismissed as torture porn by many critics, this terrific horror film plays off audience expectations and takes them on a terrifying ride you cannot predict where it will go. The story revolves around a group of three Americans traveling through Europe, staying in hostels. Two are obnoxious party-boys and one is the nice-guy character. When one of the obnoxious guys is lured away by pretty girls, the two remaining become suspicious of what happened and begin to investigate. All the while, since the film opened with images of horrific implements of torture in a dark, dank torture chamber, the audience has already had seeds planted in their minds of what really happened. Writer/director Eli Roth does an amazing job of playing against horror film tropes and audience expectations, particularly (SPOILER ALERT) when he kills off the nice-guy hero of the film Marion Crane-style and the audience is left without a safety net. After that, it feels as if anything is possible, which has the impact of creating genuine suspense now that we've seen that all of the characters are expendable. Roth really knows his horror films (his first film, "Cabin Fever," was a slasher film without a slasher, and it completely worked), and he uses that knowledge to surprise the audience throughout. When the nice-guy is killed, it's as if all bets are off and anything can happen. It also helps that the film doesn't feature and name actors, because when you cast Brad Pitt in your film, you know Brad Pitt isn't going to be killed. This tension is olstered by Roth establishing early on in the film that he's not going to cut away from the violence and that he is going to show the audience the full bloody graphic horror of what's happening (and it's extreme!). As with the best horror films, "Hostel" has an interesting subtext about America's interventionist nature around the globe and how that's received by the rest of the world. American arrogance is a ripe topic for a revenge-like thriller, especially when it's framed around an underground Eastern European business that caters to the depraved murderous desires of wealthy men who want the exotic adventure of torturing and murdering attractive youth without consequences.This film is credited (or accused) of ushering in the "torture porn" horror subgenera, which it most certainly did. Extreme horror films, like "Audition" or "Ichi the Killer" had been around Asia Cinema for awhile, and Roth rightfully gives a not to those film with a cameo appearance by Takashi Miike, the likely the originator of "extreme" horror films. "Saw" did come out the year before, but it relied more on traditional implied horror instead of showing all the graphic violence (unlike it's subsequent sequels). Roth also provides other nods that horror fans will likely pick up on, such as the slow tracking shots of the door at the end of the torture hallway as a nice homage to the menacing door at the end of the hall in "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." Overall, "Hostel" is a film that is not intended to appeal to a wide audience and not even to all horror fans, but for horror film fans of a hearty nature, this film is amazing!

Reviewed by Darkdaxter 1 / 10

No such thing as blood loss

Everyone else has already mentioned the drawn out intro, the lack of character development, the bland characters, and the senseless plot. I will not continue to harp on those points. What really took me out of this movie within it's meatier bits are the stupid antics of the survivor. Movies are no stranger to the idea of someone surviving massive blood loss, but most make some attempt to couch this in reality (unless it's the villain), and normally I wouldn't much care. This movie shoves it in your face.

He has his hand sliced open with a chainsaw (not to mention the other wounds), and at no point does he bandage or cauterize or even disinfect the wound in some way. The entire time I was waiting for him to at least get dizzy from it, but he runs around the rest of the film completely fine. He winces when he puts on gloves, but that's about it. And he can't even curl his "missing" fingers into the palm in later scenes.

He miraculously makes it to a car undetected, but then runs back to save Kana, only to cut off her detached eye. A) Going back in was a ridiculous decision, and it makes no sense that they got out again just as easily. B) A doctor could have saved the eye as long as the optic nerve wasn't severed, you idiot! But it's fine because they somehow miraculously run over the scouters, only to ditch the car instead of having a car chase. Like hmm, maybe a hospital or a police precinct in another town would be a good idea? At least when you hit Germany, I mean, sepsis, anyone? But no, revenge!

Even though her injuries aren't that bad, Kana kills herself, and yet the train keeps running. Even if the city was completely lawless, police would've stopped the train at least long enough to identify the body. I mean someone's got to clean it up. Can't be driving a bloody train over country lines.

This film asks you to suspend your disbelief over and over throughout, and while I normally have a large tolerance for that, but this is ridiculous. Not in an over-the-top fun thrill ride sort of way, but in a nagging, 'You are watching a terrible fake movie,' sort of way. The more I think about it, the lower the rating gets!

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