Horror Hospital


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Michael Gough as Dr. Christian Storm
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by destenjohnson 7 / 10

Bloody campy goofy sleazy awesomeness.

Computer Killers is bloody, campy, goofy, sleazy awesomeness. I originally found this film titled as Horror Hospital.

I enjoyed the acting style because it is over the top and different from what we generally see today.

The film takes place in only a few settings but the one I'm drawn too the most is the train early in the film. The two stranger meet in a simple way but their dialog made me want to laugh and wonder how and why it was chosen. This goes for most of the dialog throughout the film. It is strange, straightforward and wacky without completely going to crazy town.

Overall, the film feels like a good combination of horror and comedy.

I would watch this again, and I will be recommending it to friends. This film is a treat for 70's horror fan. It may be a bit hard to watch if you are not a hardcore horror watcher. If you are on the fence about seeking out this movie, I say go now!

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 9 / 10

A British horror film of tacky brilliance

A classic example of the British exploitation film from the 1970s (which is, incidentally, the finest period for British exploitation), HORROR HOSPITAL can be classed along with similar offerings such as THE MUTATIONS and TOWER OF EVIL as both the finest and tackiest offerings from the decade. These films all have invariably low budgets but are infinitely entertaining and, more to the point, hugely enjoyable. For a change, Robin Askwith (CONFESSIONS OF A WINDOW CLEANER) is the young hero caught up in the sinister events, and as to be expected takes his clothes off a lot too.

Dennis Price has a small role and the opportunity to make some sinisterly homosexual jokes. Vanessa Shaw is the screaming heroine who is more than happy to shower in the nude or lose her kit at various points in the film. Kurt Christian is an ever-cool '70s guy with big hair, flares, and probably a medallion tucked underneath his shirt. He's the coolest of the cool! Michael Gough is on top icy form as the finger-cracking Doctor Storm, probably the most evil and hammiest role of his entire career. Skip Martin is also good value as a wise-cracking dwarf and he gets a wonderful bit of vaudeville when trying to unlock a door.

With plot elements being taken from MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM (Gough as the masked, scarred perpetrator of the crimes) and heavy lashings of sex and plenty of crimson gore (headless corpses, blood everywhere), lots of action and fight scenes between the guards and the heroes, and a building burning down at the end, HORROR HOSPITAL is a cheap and cheerful affair which contains everything you could ever want from a '70s slice of British horror. Brilliant!

Reviewed by Prismark10 3 / 10

Blades of glory

Robin Askwith before he started doing his 'Confessions' plays a jaded rock star who gets sent to a country retreat to chill out. On the way there he meets a girl (Vanessa Shaw) who is also on her way to the retreat to see her aunt.

Well once they arrive at the Gothic mansion it is not long before Askwith cops off with the lovely Shaw but soon realises that something is not right in this health farm.

The sinister Dr Storm is performing brain surgery on the guests that lobotomises them where they are in effect zombies. If anyone escapes then various sinister henchman go after them or a limousine with sharp blades will decapitate them, although you will wonder how that is possible, maybe chop you knees off but not your head!

Shaw realises that his aunty is in with this demented scheme with Dr Storm and they try to escape aided by the resident dwarf.

The film is certainly bizarre, some sex, some exploitation, camp and it is ludicrously demented but it does not always amount to fun and is certainly not very scary.

Michael Gough really dials it up as the campy Dr Storm and his assorted oddball assistants just adds to the bizarre. However it is not very scary and often silly especially when Shaw's boyfriend suddenly turns up looking for her.

Still if you are looking for a curious 1970s mild British horror, you can drop in at the Horror Hospital.

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