Hope Springs


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 74%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 56%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 37807


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Steve Carell as Doctor Feld
Jean Smart as Eileen, Kay's Friend
Elisabeth Shue as Karen, The Bartender
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jcbinok 5 / 10

The Longer I Watched, the Less I Liked

After a decent start with Streep (the unsatisfied wife) and Jones (the disinterested husband) going to couples therapy, the movie became a series of uncomfortable sexual misses. They could have broken ground with a more raw, truthful November-November love story, but the writers shied away (Tommy Lee's sexual fantasy is a threesome? Wow! Stop the presses).

Much of the movie's second half was shot in low light for the bedroom feel, so it was hard to discern what was even happening. Ultimately, I gave up caring anyway. Streep's pearl clutching and Jones' emotional retardation became too much. There was a good final zinger re the neighbor, but the spare moments of levity could not resurrect this sad story from the dumper.

Not Recommended.

Reviewed by Maria Trim 10 / 10

Very emotional almost educational film about love and marriage

I loved it. I have been married about the same as this couple and the film actually made me think too about how my husband and I interact with each other.

I loved it, communication is the key to a good marriage, you should be able to talk about anything and everything, and never loose sight of each others needs.

Highly recommend it to everyone who is married. Its fun, sad, emotional and thought provoking. Ace great acting by two of my favorite actors.

Reviewed by ianmediastudio 8 / 10

Enderaring except for the soundtrack

Had a bit of a hard time with the soundtrack generally, maybe a little cheesy for my taste.. but the acting is excellent.. obviously, these actors have nothing to prove.. and it is an overall touching slice of life. Once in a while between action, sci- fi, heavy drama, adventure etc etc.., it is nice getting an honest human low-key down-to-earth "drama" and feeling like the fly on the wall.

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