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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Anish Misra 8 / 10

Hook Review

Hook is a film directed by Steven Spielberg. I read about the film some time ago and critics especially had trashed the film for not being upto Speilberg's standard. But watching the film last night on TV, I found it quite good.

Plot: Peter Pan, now, Peter Banning has to return to Neverland when his arch-nemesis James Hook kidnaps his kids.

Story and direction: I Have always loved Spielberg and his films. He is quite a genius when it comes to film-making. Give him any kind of film, dark or light, in tone, he will deliver it. So I was curious to find what the hell went wrong with this film. First, lets see the positives. I liked the father-son relationship that is shown in the film. A son always has some expectations from his father and when those not fulfilled the son is disappointed. Also the working environment in present days where you get no time to breathe and no time for your family is very well shown. Then we have the scenes from Neverland. Most of the scenes especially with the Lost Boys were awesome. I chucked each and every moment in those scenes. And finally, the battle between Pan and Hook. That was the kind of battle you want to see in a swashbuckling film (although at some places it felt like Star Wars' lightsaber battles). John Williams' score was awesome too. Now for the negatives, the production design of the film felt very poor. The sets actually felt like large giant sets constructed. Then it would be the interaction betwen Peter Pan and Tinker Bell just before the finale. I mean that actually made no sense. And also, Hook's ultimate fate with the crocodile. I didn't get that also. Also the interest in the film during the first hour was on and off. Also as a character I felt the villains were given nothing much to do.

Performances: Robin Willaims was great from the scared and taget driven Peter Banning to the child-like Peter Pan. Dustin Hoffman was good too, but he wasn't actually given much to do. Julia Roberts was also excellent. The Lost Boys especially Rufio and Thud Ball were awesome. Bob Hoskins was OK. Maggie Smith was great in her role. So as Caroline Goodall.

Favorite Scene: It would be the food eating scene where everyone just starts eating and Peter begins to wonder where the hell is the food. And suddenly he lets his imagination go wild and sees food in front of him. My mouth watered seeing the scene. And the subsequent scene, where there is a war od words between Rufio and Peter. That was hilarious.

Verdict: Hook is an enjoyable film. I had a great time with it. Yes, it has some issues regarding themes, characters and some random scenes, but it is still very entertaining.

I am going with an 8/10.

Reviewed by roberta-38524 10 / 10

One of my all time favorites and I can't understand the panning by the critics (haha)

The take on the Peter Pan story is great. Robin Williams, Julia Roberts and Dustin Hoffman are superb. The writing is wonderful and the scenes are all visually beautiful. There are some truly touching moments. The "boo box" scene could have/should have been eliminated with nothing lost. I never get tired of watching it and it's a WONDERFUL and APPROPRIATE family film.

Reviewed by Christopher Reid 9 / 10

A childhood favourite, still magical

I fondly remember watching and loving Hook as a kid, maybe 10 years old. But re-watching it was a more vivid experience than I expected. I FELT things I hadn't felt since seeing it so long ago. We get excited at that age, we fill in the gaps. We believe flying is possible, why not? As adults, I think we sometimes become more cynical, much like Peter Banning in the movie. That was the irony: this movie is nostalgic for me, but the way Spielberg directs it, the movie itself is clearly about those feelings of nostalgia.

Peter Banning (Robin Williams) has forgotten who he is. As he discovers himself, I was realising how much this movie captured my imagination as a kid. I can now relate to Peter, perhaps more than to his children. Spielberg uses swelling music and close-ups to suggest profound things, as if we should be familiar with something - it creates this feeling of deja vu. For example, when the crazy old man says a riddle ending with "got to save Maggie, got to save Jack, Hook is back..." We feel like we should know what this means. It draws you in. The same for when Peter gets back to Neverland and everyone has sudden moments of realization when they recognize him. The filming exaggerates those emotions, paralleling my own memories coming back as I watch.

I find Dustin Hoffman very funny as Hook. He openly hates the pirates who surround him, but they remain oblivious, taking his insults as merely playful. He is facing a midlife crisis. A proud, successful pirate but with no great enemy to battle. Where's the fun in that? He enjoys the sport in a good fight, which is why he seeks his old nemesis, Peter.

The music by John Williams is among his best which is no small feat. It captures the feelings of loss and sadness that surround Peter's mysterious and forgotten childhood, the pure adventure of flying, fighting and crowing and other things.

The child performances are of a high standard. Both Maggie and Jack come across as real, with mixed emotions. The daughter is more pure, loving her parents, wanting to be saved, being full of hope and strongly disliking Hook. Jack is more conflicted, being somewhat let down by his father being too busy for him at times. He goes through several changes of heart, many of which are quite moving. Hook can't corrupt the girl, but he comes close with the boy.

Hook is more about emotions than the specifics of what happens and why. It's about rediscovering yourself and that place between dreams and reality which Tinkerbell mentions. It's about jubilation, finding your happy thoughts, reconnecting with loved ones, reassessing one's life. There are many moments of humour which I don't want to spoil. There are plenty of aspects of the plot which are silly and may not hold up to scrutiny but it doesn't matter. Hook isn't for everyone, but kids of all ages may well love it if the story suits their taste.

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