Honeymoon in Vegas


Action / Comedy / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 62%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 15488


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Nicolas Cage as Jack Singer
Sarah Jessica Parker as Betsy / Donna
James Caan as Tommy Korman
Anne Bancroft as Bea Singer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by richspenc 8 / 10

Better of two similar movies

This is the better of the two early 90s films about a love struck fiancé who loses his woman over a gambling debt or money situation. I didn't like "Indecent proposal" as much, this one's better.

Jack (Nick Cage) is lucky to have Betsy (Sarah Jessica Parker). She was beautiful back in 1992, had great curves and a beautiful golden tan. This was her pre "Sex in the city" days, a show I never got into.

The opening was both sad and kind of creepy, an understandably sad, difficult situation Jack watching his mother die right in front of him, her last words being "don't ever get married". Then, I found it creepy, re- showing his mother's face the moment she died as the first picture of the comic cartoon film credits introduction. They re-showed that picture for comic effect, which I found bad taste. I don't dislike the cartoon intros in general though. The late 1980s and early 1990s seemed to be a time when comical cartoon intros were common in PG, PG13 movies, including both "City slickers" films, "Don't tell mom, the babysitter's dead", " Ruthless people" "Mannequin", and others.

Betsy wants to marry Jack, who keeps backing out due to his mother's dying words. Jack's job is secretly taking photos of men's girlfriends/wives who are suspected cheating on them. This includes a guy who says his wife is hooking up with Mike Tyson (lol). Jack poses as a street vendor waiting for suspected parties. He's also a regular amateur card player for stakes and makes sporting events bets with his dentist/ bookie friend Sal, both things Betsy was getting tired of Jack doing.

Finally, Jack insists on going with Betsy to Vegas to marry, Betsy's delighted. They get there, have a romantic session in their Vegas Bally hotel suite, and then Jack decides to play poker and once again procrastinate the wedding. Betsy has already been getting tired of his constant gambling back home. The game is pre arranged by Tommy Corman (James Cann) who sees Betsy who looks identical to his late wife (funny comment when Tommy sees Jack and Betsy totally making out in the lobby and says "there's no way they're married"). Tommy immediately gets obsessed with her,and sets the whole game up so he can use being with her as Jack's penalty for losing his hand in the game (which he's already so sure will happen). The game was definitely set up, and even though the movie doesn't make it 100% clear, I'm sure Tommy winning was set up too. Jack and Betsy still thought that the game was random at that point and Jack just got unlucky, they knew the debt had to be paid and Betsy knew she had to go along with it. It was Vegas, gambling is gambling, and they knew they couldn't welch. But what Tommy really did was psychotic, and they hadn't learned that yet.

Betsy's reluctance to go with Tommy sure lessened when going to his lush Beach house in Kawii, Hawaii (even though Betsy grew tired quickly of Tommy talking Hawaiian, telling him "you can knock off the Hawaiian now" after only his second time of saying a Hawaiian phrase). Jack's rage shot up through everything going on. He yelled a lot, but he had a hell of a situation (even though he made a bad choice playing in that poker game).

Then Jack runs back to New York (blowing up at the frantic guy crying about his wife being with Mike Tyson, but Jack was even more frantic), then he flies to Kuaii running all over the island never quite reaching Betsy. Once he almost does but Tommy tackles him on a golf field at night then immediately turns over onto his back when the police come making it look like Jack attacked him. After the cops take Jack away only 50 yards from where Betsy was gazing out into the ocean, she says "funny, I thought I could hear voices in the wind, like in Whethering heights, and the voice sounded like Jack's".

Pat Norita (the only time I ever saw him in anything besides Mr. Miyagi in the "The Karate kid" films and on "Happy days") as Mahi Mahi, "just like the fish" Jack says. Mahi's specifically instructed to keep him away from Tommy and therefore insists on taking him anywhere but. This takes us to a funny scene with Jack visiting "Cheif Orman's" simple island shack. Jack's still yelling a lot, but how would you've felt in his shoes? Everything Tommy did to him was lowdown, sleazy, and heartless (he was never presented as a decent guy from the start when grabbing, twisting the Bally manager's nether regions when he couldn't reserve his suite). Mahi eventually learned what Tommy's done to Jack, how he set up the whole poker game just to steal his fiancé, lied to her to further convince her not to go back to him (such as telling her he lost only $3,000 instead of the $64,000 it really was), ordered him to keep Jack away from her, and then announced his going back to Vegas to marry Betsy. Mahi now felt sorry for Jack and dropped the charges of him stealing his cab.

Jack flies back to the mainland, but due to no direct flights to Vegas, he flies to Amarillo, Texas where he runs into the flying Elvis Presley skydivers boarding a plane to fly over Vegas where they're all to parachute out. Jack joins them, are there are some funny moments when he's with all them (Elvis skydiver to Jack: "pull the yellow than red cord. Jack: "what if I get flustered and accidentally pull red than yellow?" Elvis skydiver: "then you're gonna look like a well done chilliburger and they'll have to scoop you off the strip").

Reviewed by TonyMontana96 7 / 10

A fun if silly picture about Nicolas Cage in Vegas, and Cage is in good form here.

(Originally reviewed: 10/03/2017) All I wanted was a fun comedy, with some decent laughs and a good enough pace, this film delivers upon what I was hoping for. Nicolas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker have chemistry and both give good performances, as well as James Caan who play's this high up gambler with plenty of important associates who sees Cage's fiancée and must have her, but seeing him try and woo a woman who had no love for him in the slightest was always going to end up predictable by the end, and it goes according to formula, but at least it's entertaining. The first half is amusing at best, and the jokes really are hit and miss, but there's plenty of energy from the cast and lots of personality among the character's which is at least reassuring and has watchable direction from Andrew Bergman.

The picture hasn't aged that well, it looks slightly dated and the middle act isn't all that interesting but the third act makes up for it, with a tremendously entertaining skydive, where Cage's character proves he loves Parker by jumping out of a plane with a bunch of Elvis impersonators that could have ended in disaster, therefore willing to risk his life just to tell her how much he loves her and values her a lot more than he did before the gambling debt; therefore it did him some good; despite Caan's clinging to her, I had no doubt how the film would play out, but I was at least entertained and there's some good writing on display including a good joke where Cage is in a Hawaiian airport and days "I need to get to the states", in which the current airline staff member says "This is a state", jokes like these are amusing and the whole tone of the picture is light-hearted.

It's not full on raunchy which I think suited the story rather well; Though we could have done without embarrassing scenes, like Caan grabbing some guy's balls by intimidating him to get him the room he usually has and an opening credit sequence that wasn't too inventive or amusing, but all in all, this is an entertaining comedy, with decent performances, believable romance and a satisfying third act.

Reviewed by Irishmoviereviewer 3 / 10

Didn't think it was that good...

Just because well known celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicolas Cage or James Caan are together in this movie, doesn't mean it's that good. I thought it was quite slow to be honest..

Yes it's set in Las Vegas and it's meant to be over the top but, it just didn't get me into it enough. Now, I don't know why I feel this way about the movie but, it just didn't flatter me. I really thought Cages and Parkers relationship was a bit too much, even if they were playing as a couple. It might be better off if it was at the end that they were really a good couple together. I really thought they should have dressed better for their wedding, the costumes didn't suit the end scene where they were about to get married!

I had to skip some of the boring scene's and I just found out after the end of the movie, that Bruno Mars was in this as Little 5 year old Elvis. I was totally shocked, he looked so cute as a 5 year old! He probably was 7 or 8 when I was born in 94! He was so adorable as a kid seriously, he's still good looking today!

I was disappointed that this movie wasn't my cup of tea. Even if it's one of the Elvis inspired ones to watch since I do like Presley tributes in movies!

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