Honey 3: Dare to Dance


Action / Drama / Family / Music / Romance

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Kenny Wormald as Erik Wildwood
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mostesare 5 / 10

Just interesting

It's a cheap replica of Step Up. It doesn't make you feel the energy of dancing, as it should be doing. Movies that involve dancing have to keep the audience engaged all the time and not let them fall into boredom, as this one is doing. And because you not only have to deal with dance, you also have music, which is another key that this movie didn't got it right. People should vibrate and resonate with the emotions shared through music and dancing, but this one just keeps selling us "corny" talks. What a shame.

Reviewed by Magana Duncan 2 / 10

I simply wasted my time and money on this movie.

This has to be the worst movie I have ever watched in terms of story-line and casting. It infuriated me so much that I just had to write this review whereas I have never seen the need of doing one before.

The story-line is such a cliché! What was unique apart from the Romeo and Juliet drift?? What dance moves were different whereas this is a movie released in 2017? All the step-up movies beat this movie hands down.

Secondly, I know this will make me sound biased but how is the movie based in Africa and the main cast is full of Americans? Never have I ever heard of Americans studying in Africa in all those numbers, maybe just one-off cases of student exchange programs but not an entire 30-squad dance crew.

Africa is full of amazing dancers and our African music is just as amazing. This would have been the movie's selling and unique point. Incorporating African music and dances is what would have made this dance movie different from the rest.

Next time you shoot and produce a movie in Africa, duly note that there is mad talent here and we want our stories told as a representation of who we are and not false representation of us being the same as Westerners.

I'm out. Stay Woke!

Reviewed by razoq 8 / 10

Breaks away from the formula

This movie is what all dance movies should be about. It's filled with great music and choreography. Acting isn't the top but for it's low budget movie is nicely done. Plot is pretty exciting and costumes... wow, plus this South African vibes makes it unique. I recommend it for anyone who is or have been into dancing.

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