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Vivica A. Fox as Helene
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Scott Elrod as Cory Brand
Dorian Brown as Emma
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Robert Symonds 2 / 10

Truly truly awful film

I made the mistake of not looking at a review before going to see this film. Had seen the trailer in the cinema a few weeks ago and thought my son would like it as it seemed just a simple feel good film. First clue should have been when we were the only people in the cinema. If you are a devout Christian you could like this but otherwise it will probably make you feel a mixture of awkward embarrassment and as if you have been misled. A very crude attempt to peddle the idea that all you need to do is embrace religion to get you over all your problems. The film makers by not mentioning the whole tone of the film in trailers or tag line effectively lied and I feel the only reason they did this was an attempt by the marketing people to get a bigger audience. Obviously this is a flawed approach as most people do more research that I did this time hence the empty cinema and appallingly poor box office. It is a shame because the acting was not bad and had it not been for the clumsy attempt to force a religious message down the Audience's throat it could have been enjoyable.

Reviewed by Zachary Hinski 10 / 10

This Was a Heartful Movie

Wow, this movie really hits the spot on movies no a days. Movies made now a days are all about sex, shooting, robbing, and all those horror films. This movie shows how a high star in baseball has trouble with alcohol because he was taunted by his father. This movie has a lot of religion in it, but that makes this movie so great. This style is exactly like everyday life. And everybody who is depressed or is in rehab goes to groups like these and they talk about there issues and know that nobody is there to judge you, but they are there to love you a stay with you for as long as you need help keeping your spirits high in the sky we the Lord. For example look at Jimmy Graham tight end for the New Orleans Saints, he was abused and abandoned all his childhood from his parents, he went to a church circle just like this and talked about his problems and let all his feelings out. Then the lord found him a new home with someone at that church group and now he is living every persons dream, and showing never to give up your life and to not to be shoved down, just step back up. So this movie is wonderful, and teaches such a great lesson, this is something they should play in schools now a days, this leaves a very good message and has also helped me with shyness in my life, and now I am taking my life and putting myself in control.

So, please watch this movie or share it with everyone. And don't just pull the flaws out of the movie, its to enjoy and learn a message, that's how movies are supposed to be.

Reviewed by casper639 4 / 10

Religion and addiction

The movie has very little to do with baseball. It is about major league ball player addicted to alcohol, and hits rock bottom. His father was also a drunk and abusive. He is forced into a 12 step Christian based program at a church in his hometown.

He returns to his home town and helps coach a little league team. He co-coaches with his ex girlfriend and mother of his illegitimate son, who is also on the team. The boy doesn't know the man is his father. There is a lot of religious reflection and depiction of people who are addicted to sex, drugs, and-or have been abused in someway. The plot is nothing new and a bit weak, even for a Christian movie.

The acting is top notch. Particularly Scott Elrod as Cory. The man playing the head of the Christian 12 step program, looks realistic and seems like he may have had some serious problems. (Little creepy) Most of the other addicts were just as odd and good at acting. They didn't look like actors.

The photography is good, the scenery is realistic, and depicts a depressed small town with an amazing number of people with various addictive issues.

If this movie were tightened up to an hour it would be much better.

There are a few 'feel' slightly good moments but very few. The main problem is the attempt for atmosphere which is taking over so many movies to stretch them into a full length movie. Lots and lots of music and camera angles always indicates the plot is thin.

As a Christian based movie, this is one of the better ones and holds back on the judgmental issues, well done but slow and dragging.

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