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Jennifer Tilly as Grace
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sherrill777 3 / 10

Towards the bottom of Disney's animation barrel

The Bad:

I decided to rank the Disney animated movies (for my own amusement) and when I first ranked this movie, it was at the very bottom of the pile. What makes this one so bad? Honestly, what doesn't! The voices are annoying. The music is grating. The story is predictable. The comedy falls flat. The villain is one-dimensional. It feels like the Disney company was giving up on hand-drawn animation, so wasn't spending the time and money to make this film good, but rather said "Hey, let's slap something together and see if we can make some cash on the cheap!". If this were one of the cheaply made sequels, it might be considered alright (never good), but we expect so much more from a Disney theatrical film. This is just bad, bad, bad.

The Good:

Ummm... Hmmmmm.... Honestly, I can't think of a single positive thing to say about this one. I guess it doesn't contain much objectionable for young kids? It's got a PG-rating, but probably ought to have a G-rating. That's d***ing with faint praise.

The Mom View:

Okay, I started this review by saying that this movie began at the bottom of my list. Then I realized that this wouldn't be horrible to let my young kids watch. Unlike, say, Chicken Little, this isn't filled with disgusting levels of animosity or parental apathy towards our main characters. My kids would probably be shallowly entertained by this movie. But it would feel like a TV babysitter, not quality film. This also isn't something I could handle as background noise due to the cringe-worthy songs and voice acting. I can find much better movies out there and wouldn't waste my time (or my kid's time) with this one. So it isn't something I actively hate so much as it's something that's "just" badly made.

Reviewed by Jesper Brun 3 / 10

Disappointing on so many levels.

This was a major disappointment. Not the absolute worst in the Disney catalog in my opinion, but definitely bottom five.

The Disney company once had a goal of making great FAMILY entertainment. Well, this is almost throughout the entire movie purely for toddlers or very little kids. It does not have any appeal to the adult audience. It simply builds its humour on fart and burp jokes and poor slapstick comedy of a cartoon short.

The animation is poor. If anyone told you that this was made by the most revolutionary company in the history of animation would you believe them? It was just lazy!

But the most disappointing was the musical score. ALAN MENKEN WHAT WERE YOU THINKING! The man who brought you masterpieces like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Little Mermaid! That really hurt to discover that such talent made such a below average movie score!

If I should highlight anything at all it must be the villain Alameda Slim. His character is still stupid, but he engulfs himself so well in being stupid that it made him hilarious. He is able to hypnotize cattle by yodeling! It is presented in a musical number which cracked me up!

Not worthy of the Disney label, but certainly it can distract your little kids for 76 minutes.

Reviewed by Samuel Dietrich 1 / 10

Worst. Disney. Animated. Movie. Ever!

I've seen G-Force. I've seen Chicken Little. And I've even seen Cars 2. But none of them were dumber, more clichéd, more stupid, and bad as this "movie". Why I put movie in quotation marks was because this doesn't seem like a movie for the kids and adults to watch together. Thi is like a preschool special for 2-4 year olds. There is NOTHING creative about this movie. The plot has been done to death, the characters, outside of Jennifer Tilly and Judi Dench, are awful, the effects look baby-friendly, some songs are fine but they serve no purpose to the story, and the jokes suck. Do your yourself and don't watch this. This could've ruined your chances of ever seeing The Princess and the Frog, the 2D film that came out 5 years after this train wreck. Disney has made some mistakes in the past like when they ruined Miley Cyrus. But this was one of their biggest mistakes in the downfall of 2D films from Disney. I'll admit, it has only 1 moment in the movie that made me mad, but the plot of the farmer's house closing down, the clichéd greedy bad guys, and wasting the talent from some good actors like Cuba Gooding Jr. and Judi Dench to make this terrible, terrible movie. Warning! This will lobotomize your brain.


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