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Steve Martin as Captain Smek
Rihanna as Gratuity 'Tip' Tucci
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by karansomavat 10 / 10

Beter than expected!

When the movie began, i thought the story wouldn't be so nice etc. But, wow the movie was really good and i just loved the English of Oh. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, so i'm not gonna say much. For me a movie gets a 10/10 when the movie gets me glued to the sit or makes me cry or laugh really hard. This movie made me cry in the end but i don't want to reveal why see it for yourself.

Reviewed by leomingo 9 / 10

A great movie that's giving you a special feeling

When I started watching this movie, for the first few minutes I thought this was just going to be another modern 3D animation, falling into non- sophisticated family drama and dry but OK comedy, but Home truly amazed me.

Because the way it makes you feel, is special and unique.

The feeling started since the beginning of their advantage(Tip and OH) with soundtracks played in their bubble-flashy flying car, I noticed people blaming there were too many songs of Rihanna's, but I didn't notice and did not care.

It's like swimming in a colorful pool and you can see rainbows while feeling potentially being suffocated but not really. The adventure was not intense at all, but with the special background music it makes me feel like the movie makers were intentionally making it this way and it's really special and unique, in a great way.

The movie is not just for children, actually I tend to think there was something in Home that's only for adults to taste and understand, family, bravery, love...But beyond that, the loneliness of being an outcast in a social environment being eliminated by those who care about you, and henceforth the thing they give you which you would cherish forever----hope.

And then, you get to feel the warmth, the "temperature", the HOME.

Indeed, why isn't it called Planet Earth or A Friendship Between Me And A Poov? Because, there's something worthy of your thinking, and it's what's called home.

The only drawback I think is the length of the movie is a little short, it feels like the makers were trying to condense it, so sometimes I feel the inconsistencies between several subsplots at the end, but the feeling did not fade away.

Overall, I give it 9 out of 10.

Reviewed by Lizzy m 6 / 10

It was mehh

The plot, animation,and connection between the characters were cute, but honestly, it wasn't Dreamworks's best work. The movie was decent,and I want to love it, but Rihanna's role pretty much ruined it for me. I felt like Tip's age and persona didn't match with the Rihanna's voice too well in my opinion, and her character in general seemed so basic. "Oh", the other protagonist, was adorable, and I think had more character development than Tip's, and he seemed much more interesting. The film wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either, they tried, you can tell, but they didn't pull it off all too well in my opinion, DreamWorks could've done better. However I do like their Netflix original series (same name), the humor is much more fluid, the characters are much more developed, and in each episode they have such an original plot, so at least they've had a positive outcome from the movie.

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