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Lorenza Izzo as Jean
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michael-3204 5 / 10

Shows promise, if not much else

Horror anthology loosely organized around holidays, where each short is thematically related to a different holiday. The usual problem with these sorts of anthologies is wildly uneven quality, but in this case the quality is fairly consistent and reasonably strong. One of the many oddities of "Holidays" is that the worst short is the one by the most famous director included here, Kevin Smith. It seems like he wasn't even trying with his Halloween short and its disappointing that they gave the most on-topic holiday for a horror movie to someone who seems so disinterested.

Another oddity is that the first five shorts all have female protagonists, with only one being written and directed by a woman. It is almost immediately apparent which that is, not because it is appreciably better or worse than the others, but because of its attitudes toward its female characters, and the way it handles nudity (something that is mostly absent in the rest of the shorts). The fact that several films in a row all feature not especially strongly drawn or unique protagonists, some of whom are almost interchangeable, is a problem. The shorts are organized chronologically through the calendar year, starting with Valentine's Day and ending on New Year's Eve, but I think it might have been better to reorder them so that a sense of repetition didn't start to set in before there was some variation. The final short is actually the best, in terms of telling a compelling story with the most interesting characters we meet in the whole series. It is largely a two-hander and ends on a satisfyingly twisty note. And that brings up a third oddity -- all except the final short, and Smith's, have intriguing ideas, set-ups and situations that the various writers and directors seem unable to resolve in a very satisfying way. Some of them just end, some try for a conclusion that is perhaps meant to be ambiguous or disturbing, but they fail to stick the landing. Its strange to watch a bunch of short films in a row that share the same strengths and the same weakness.

I'd say most of the writers and directors represented here show promise, even if most of them don't quite deliver as fully as I'd have liked, and I look forward to more from any of these filmmakers. I don't know that I'll be returning to this collection of shorts anytime soon.

Reviewed by Michael O'Keefe 8 / 10

Your holidays will never be the same.

This anthology of dark tales with holiday themes will take a skewed attitude and appreciation for gory, gruesome, creepy and horror. These stories deal with Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter, Father's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, Christmas and New Year's Eve. Some are tense and scary; some will easily be forgettable. All in all, I really had fun watching and even flinched a few times.

Some pretty good acting. The Easter story may be the creepiest. The New Year's Eve tale will twist and turn giving you the shakes. The atmosphere and cinematography make these short horror stories worth watching.

The cast features: Harley Quinn Smith, Lorenza Izzo, Jocelin Donahue, Seth Green, Morgan Duffy, Andrew Bowen, Ashley Greene, Rick Peters, Michael Gross, and Sophie Traub.

Reviewed by Mattfinbell 7 / 10

Pretty good holidays

OKay for this short stories they are for the most part there good some are Valentines is somewhat not that good. Let me explain the girl who thinks the coach is attracted too her. Easter fathers day and Halloween are pretty good but I guess the stories were jump out of your seat but you kinda knew what was going to happen. Like for Fathers day you know something was up with Father when the Daughter wanted to see him and something happened to them both. Oh and the other thing for Mothers day you kinda knew but it was still since she gave birth to a grown up man I think.

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