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Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh
Jessica Biel as Vera Miles
Toni Collette as Peggy Robertson
Helen Mirren as Alma Reville
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by braddugg 4 / 10

A narrowed down film, myopic and predictable.

A narrowed down film, myopic and predictable.

It is a film that deals with how Alfred Hitchcock made the thriller called 'Psycho'. It is good nonetheless but never becomes great.

Are there any moments of greatness at least? Absolutely not. It comes across as a fictionalized documentary more than a fascinating drama. Having said that, the performance by Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock is worth appreciating. Other performances are good enough too.

What failed me was the script that kept many things obvious. There was no guile, secrecy or a metaphor in any of the scenes. The screenplay followed a well-documented path. Yes, for few instances it gets into the psyche of Hitchcock and tries to interpret some actions but they come very much late in the film.

Overall, I must say the viewing of this film was daunting more than being insightful for me. The actual interviews of Hitchcock himself are more interesting than this film.

It's a 2/5 for showing few days of an illustrious career and personality.

Reviewed by bettycjung 7 / 10

Johansson nails the shower scene!

1/12/18. A nicely done biopic about Hitchcock and his relationship with his wife, a loyal collaborator through thick and thin. The movie basically concentrated on Hitchcock's attempt to stay solvent why staying true to his craft in his development of the movie Psycho from the book. Hopkins was amazing as Hitchcock and got his diction down pat, Mirren was a wonderful Mrs. Hitchcock. Supporting cast was fantastic. Kudos to Johansson who nailed the shower scene perfectly. Worth catching!

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 8 / 10

A look at the character of the master of suspense

I waited a long time before watching Hitchcock and I wonder why. It was better than I expected it to be. But then again with a cast like that it's difficult to go wrong. Anthony Hopkins playing Hitchcock himself is a delight to watch. His make-up is stunning and for that alone the make-up artists deserve credits. Helen Mirren is always good and in Hitchcock she excels again. Scarlett Johansson, well she's a candy for the eye, but not only that, she's also an excellent actress. The story of Hitchcock was interesting to watch, to see how the master of suspense was in real life. An easy to follow movie with an excellent cast.

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