Hit and Run


Action / Comedy / Crime / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 49%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 49%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 31798


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Bradley Cooper as Alex Dmitri
Kristen Bell as Annie Bean
Jason Bateman as Keith Yert
Kristin Chenoweth as Debby Kreeger
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sebastienr-11101 8 / 10


It was fun and fairly bright. Some crass humor, and still bright language. I find Dax often write things with very specific communication tips in mind. It's interesting

Reviewed by John Brooks 7 / 10

Well written, well paced, fun and ..cute - Surprisingly good

No this isn't as mediocre as you're thinking. It isn't. No it's not just another cheesy Hollywood comedy with dense jokes that's all about car-oriented action scenes and a pretty girl. I for example know nothing about cars and don't appreciate by the number American comedies and I really enjoyed this. If anything the title does the film no favors.

Dax Shepard, the male lead, actually does surprisingly well as a writer and director. Better than you'd think. In one word, this comedy has great 'balance'. The humor is centered a lot around contemporary social issues like political correctness and its abuse, and Shepard gives in a really good shift of managing to expose the silliness of the whole debate while not really piking any side outright and juggles well with both positions in a way that's properly comedic and fun. The character played by Bradley Cooper is characteristically hilarious in that same sense, he's this tree-hugging eco-friendly extremist psycho who acts as a spoof and as proper plot material at the same time.

Some scenes are genuinely funny, a couple proper hilarious, and all in all it's very well paced, very well constructed, dialog as explained is witty and balanced (not too cute, not too thick), the characters are funny and believable despite being like comic book characters, and there's good attention to detail, everything is spelled out or made totally obvious.

Very pleasantly surprised: 7.5/10.

Reviewed by robbedwardmorris-28883 8 / 10

Two Movies, I liked them both

There's always the movie and the "movie" behind making the movie. I liked them both. I watched the film twice. Dax Sheppard is hilarious! Bravo to him for putting it together. He conceived a baby and made it grow. "Hit and Run" is a fun ride. Knowing what went into making the film made it all the more fun to watch. He used his own girl, his own cars, his own friends, and his own script. This is not always recommended. In fact, most of the time it's highly discouraged because it is often laced with conceit. But when the effort is laced with love, there is a much better chance of making it work. That's the case with "Hit and Run". I love this movie because I felt the love that went into making it. And it's funny too. Hearing Bradly Cooper tell about taking one for the team and Dax's character's reaction is priceless!

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