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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bettycjung 7 / 10

The true artists of the music world!

1/11/18. What a cool bunch of professionals. This is a great documentary to watch in which session musicians get to share their love of playing for the sake of playing. Though many have gone nameless, playing in the shadow of big personalities, they are so grateful for the chance just to play in that kind of environment. These are the true artists in the music world! Worth catching.

Reviewed by alternapop 6 / 10

Worth a watch but missing

I was excited to see this documentary after a friend told me about it. I've followed music pretty heavily for the last 30+ years and have appreciated its history and the 'behind the scenes' stories. A similar documentary, The Wrecking Crew, is a must see!

I enjoyed Hired Guns but was left wanting more. I felt they could've spent more time showing how a 'hired gun'/A-List player is different, or better, than the guy who is just not making it versus only talking about it.

I would've liked to have seen how an A-List player can quickly learn a tune. Show a couple examples of them knowing nothing about a song and picking it up quickly, a Randy Rhoads solo for example, and tell how that compares to a non A-Lister. Show what makes them different. (Seeing Jay Graydon play the Steely Dan solo was pretty cool. )

I found it a little ironic for Phil X to talk about not selling out for $200-300 but then this documentary has them all playing a couple of rather bland tunes together for a reason that I didn't really understand.

Maybe I missed it but also seeing some guys who were originally in successful bands and then went on to be session musicians would've been interesting too. Jeff Pilson for example.

Reviewed by jc1305us 10 / 10

A must for music lovers

What a wonderful, engaging, funny, sometimes sad look at the life of a session musician, the guys who are hired to play on another musicians recordings. I consider this the companion piece to the excellent "Wrecking Crew" documentary.Often anonymous, these guys and girls are the backbone to many of your favorite artists. As someone who played drums for many years and dreamt of being in a traveling band, I realized years ago what a grind touring could be. Many artists are interviewed and they are all candid about the business side of music, and what it takes to make it. Rob zombie puts it thus: You have to be the best musician, but also willing to put the spotlight on the main artist. Most importantly though, you need to be someone that can live on the road 24/7 with others and not be annoying! Toiling away, night after night, for little pay can drain anyone, and it does take a toll. Even those that were very successful can be dumped for no reason, sending the artist out looking for work. Liberty Devitto, the drummer for Billy Joel for many years, was dumped by Joel along with his bandmates, one of whom later killed himself. It's a hell of a way to make a living, and the heights are high, but the pitfalls are always around the corner. A must watch for any music fan!

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