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Sean Connery as Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez
Clancy Brown as Victor Kruger / The Kurgan
Christopher Lambert as Connor 'The Highlander' MacLeod / Russell Edwin Nash
Celia Imrie as Kate MacLeod
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fluke_Skywalker 7 / 10

There can be only one

Plot; Through the ages a group of men known as Immortals have battled for the mysterious Prize. Now only a few remain, and they have gathered in New York for their final confrontation.

Highlander has a strong basic hook that doesn't hold up under much scrutiny, so it's best to leave your brain at the door and just enjoy the ride. And what a ride it is. With an over the top soundtrack by Queen, it's as much a rock opera as it is an action-fantasy film. Stylishly directed and featuring wonderfully grandiose performances--particularly Clancy Brown's menacing villain The Kurgan--Highlander wins The Prize. But skip the sequels. There can be only one.

Reviewed by bensonmum2 7 / 10

"There can be only one!"

Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) is an immortal Scottish swordsman who must do battle with others of his kind in modern day America. The battle will leave only one immortal left alive. Because as we're told repeatedly, "There can be only one!"

I doubt I've actually watched all of Highlander since I saw it in the theater back in 1986. Overall, it's a pretty fun experience with plenty of fights, mystical mumbo-jumbo, and a wonderfully over-the-top performance form scene chewing Sean Connery. I love the scene where Lambert calls Connery a "Spanish peacock". Good stuff. But the highlight for me has to be Clancy Brown as the evil Krugan. He's amazing. The voice, the menacing size, and the pure delight in his eyes during his fight scenes really make Highlander special. It's a really enjoyable performance.

I also enjoy all the mixed-up accents in Highlander. Clancy Brown is from a supposed ancient race of fighters, yet sounds like he's from modern day America. Lambert, despite his French accent, is a Scotsman. And the decidedly Scottish Connery is Spainish in the film. How bizarre.

Other than reeking of the worst of the 80s, my biggest complaint with the movie is with the sound. The looping and dubbing are horrible. It gets very distracting every once in a while. I think every line Lambert utters was dropped in in post. Ugh.

Reviewed by maxmages 5 / 10

There can only be one!

So I do not really know why this is a cult movie. The cinematography is pretty good and the music is fun me and the actors do what they can but on the whole the movie is boring and a 08/15 "immortality is a curse" story is nothing special unfortunately. However, I was always interested in finding out how Highlander could become such a huge franchise, even though there is nothing special in it and none of the films is really good. I've seen the long version or the Director's Cut after what I've heard the better version of the movie, with the added instruction sinews and passages in World War II. So I can only say if that was the better version I'm not interested in the rest of the franchise. I mean, I only saw the first movie but both the fans and the haters say that the first movie is the best and if what I've seen is the best thing Highlander has to offer then I'm worried. I have recognized many scenes from parodies of other films, South Park or the Simpsons and I am glad that I finally came to see a movie that has meant so many people something and has drawn some circles but unfortunately no circles in which I want to be. The love story is uninteresting the dear aspect was too much for me, the fights are not so exciting and the film was not sufficiently brutal for my taste. The whole movie also did not look so nice visually all the sets and props were so unaesthetic that it was really hard for me to get involved. The ideas of an immortal who hunts you all over the world is awesome, that's why I love Terminator, but this villain sucks so hard. He is not scary at all and if he was not so annoying Kurgan/Victor Kruger would be worthy of forgetting. But I'd like to call the review a bit positive. I can only say the actors are great, maybe it's because of this weird combination but they all really do their best and even those who do not make it right, like a lid on a glass, in this scenario to fit in that I could imagine no other actor in this role. I'm curious if there really will be a remake of it and I would even work on it because I have some ideas on how to expand this concept I would not mind a complete reboot with Black people and Chinese.

But I think there can only be one.

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