Higher Power


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Infiltration Bot 2 / 10

Oof. My brain hurts

The story is an amalgamation of stereotypes, failed attempts to engage the audience with the emotional suffering of the (badly acted and even worsely written) characters, and very confusing and incohesive sequences in which the main character gets observed through some flashy monochrome ... hacking interface?

Clearly the person doing the UI visuals enjoyed themselves. Sadly nothing in this movie makes any sense - not even in a humorous way, since it takes itself very, VERY serious. Which is part of the overall problem. Nobody seems to have done a reality check when getting this sort of script handed in to make a movie about.

I have a hard time thinking of anyone to recommend this movie to.... You cannot have a laugh at it, and you cannot enjoy the story. Better skip it.

Reviewed by dorjeoac 10 / 10

Simply amazing watch it though to the end you won't be sorry.

OK you might watch this show and not be impressed but trust me when I say stick with it and you wont be sorry. The movie was incredible.

Reviewed by iceman88869 4 / 10

Almost good but it's just not

Almost all of the acting is terrible and 90% of the dialog is horrible. You never develop any interest in what happens to any of the characters. The main character just does not seem right for the role. The reason I am able to give this movie four stars is because of the special effects. This movie is low budget, but some of the special effects are pretty amazing for it's budget. The end of the movie is kinda strange, but I can say it was almost good for about 5-10 minutes. The rest of the movie is pretty bad. Though, it is hard to get passed the first like hour and 15 minutes to get to the interesting part because most of the movie is just boring and one of the main character's daughters is irritating. Not the worst movie I have ever seen, but FAR from the best. Easily forgotten aside from that 5-10 minutes.

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