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Luke Hemsworth as Wild Bill Hickok
Bruce Dern as Doc Rivers O'Roark
Kris Kristofferson as George Knox
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 3 / 10

Wild Bill's early years

The best film I've seen done on Wild Bill Hickok is White Buffalo where Charles Bronson played the legendary frontier marshal. It was set at a different time and place during his life. This film Hickok is set at the beginning showing some of his Civil War service and the beginning of his time as marshal of Abilene.

Unlike Wyatt Earp who rarely used his weapon and before the OK Corral business had only killed one man, Hickok was as fast as rumored and had a few kills listed to him. That's what is shown here. Luke Hemsworth who plays Hickok also carries a shotgun as most peace officers did. What counted was to make sure hit your target. He has quite the standoff with John Wesley Hardin who in real life never made it as far north as Kansas. He certainly wasn't Hickok's deputy. Hardin is played here by Kaiwi Lyman-Mesereau.

The film moves at a tortoise pace attributable to some bad direction and the characters never engage you the way the cast in the Bronson film did. Having such veterans as Kris Kristofferson and Bruce Dern help a bit. But this is not the final cinematic word on Wild Bill Hickok.

Reviewed by admiraljoshhar 2 / 10

The most boring Western I've seen in a long time.

Minor spoilers may follow. I picked up this movie I'd never heard of at Family Video last night. The cast list drew my attention, as well as the fact that it's a new western in an age with far too few of those. The stars who drew my attention were Luke Hemsworth (the other Hemsworth brother), Trace Adkins, Kris Kristofferson, and Bruce Dern. The latter three interested me the most, as one is a country singer I like and the other two I know as decent western actors. I figured it might actually be a decent western. Well...not so much. I mean, it was shot well and for a low budget direct to DVD movie it sure looks good, but that's about all I can say for it. For a movie about the legendary Wild Bill Hickok it is incredibly boring! The lead actor is alright, and I'm sure could've made a good character in another movie, or even a side character in this movie- but as the lead here he just does not have the charisma needed to pull it off. There are a couple of scenes where he almost does, but unfortunately it doesn't last. Trace Adkins plays the villain of the movie, and if I closed my eyes I would almost think it was Sam Elliot in the part, so that's... something. To his credit, he is perhaps the most convincing actor...but that isn't saying much. Kris Kristofferson plays the Mayor of the town who appoints Hickok as Marshall (unlike the real life Hickok, who was elected) and barely has any scenes. Also, I hate to say it, but you can tell he's barely trying with this movie. Bruce Dern is a little bit better as the town Doctor, but one misses the days when you could love to hate him as a dimwitted villain in Support Your Local Sheriff, or as the cold-hearted villain who (SPOILERS for a movie that's nearly a half century old!) kills John Wayne's character in "The Cowboys." Here he provides a moment of amusement, but that's about it. The movie itself is very by the numbers, and doesn't do anything new as a cowboy movie. In fact, it cannot even really be enjoyed as a tribute to old clich├ęs because several of them are missing. For example, when Hickok enforces the new "No guns in town" law, one would expect to see a montage of him actually enforcing said law, but nope- it skips straight to having a bunch of people in jail with the town mostly quiet, with only a few grumbles from the denizens of the villain's saloon. At this point, I was so bored with the movie that I literally looked up the real life Wild Bill's Wikipedia page and read it while the movie played. And you know what? It was far more interesting than the movie! I learned quite a bit about the legendary gunslinger, including the fact that many of his exploits were wildly exaggerated by him and others, and everyone knew it, but let it go because they were good stories! Also, the movie has several inaccuracies, such as the fact that Abilene was not the first town he was a lawman in, as the movie suggests, but was in fact just one of several. Also, the love interest introduced in the movie, one of the main source of Hickok's rivalry with the villain, evidently does not exist at all, and was created solely for the movie. Which explains why her subplot felt so forced and tacked on- that's exactly what it was! At around the one hour mark I pretty much gave up on the movie and paused it to write this review, and I do plan to finish the last 20+ minutes of the movie, but I can't imagine how it could improve at all at this point. Maybe there'll be a decent final shootout, and maybe they'll even include the interesting bit of history that I learned from the Wikipedia page about the final confrontation Hickok had with the villain of this movie, in which wild Bill accidentally killed a fellow lawman while fighting the saloon owner, an event which cost him his position in the town and which evidently haunted him the rest of his life, but I don't see how they could do that Justice in the short time remaining. As it stands right now, this is the most boring Western I've ever seen (not counting old-school black and white westerns, which ranged from masterpieces to snore fests) and I give it 2/10 stars. It would have gotten one, but like I said, the movie actually looks really good for a direct to DVD movie. Heck, I'd have tossed in another star for some halfway decent music, but the score is extremely bland and unremarkable. Worst $3 I ever spent. OK, that's probably an exaggeration, but still- it's pretty bad.

Reviewed by Ben James 7 / 10

If you love westerns give it a shot or 2! Don't read negative reviews!

WOW - some harsh words here from what I must assume are disappointed fans. Some reviews are almost hateful! But in all honesty this film is not that bad by a long stretch. It has some great moments for sure and some great shootout and fights. Yes I will agree it does fall flat in some places or feel somewhat unfinished in others and at the half way point I did consider stopping the movie and moving on. However I am glad I stuck with it because after a somewhat lack lustre start the movie picks up and races to a satisfying conclusion. If you love westerns give it a shot or 2!

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