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Jet Li as Nameless
Donnie Yen as Sky
Ziyi Zhang as Moon
James Hong as Qin Emperor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gamergcfan 5 / 10

Great start, but dwindles later on

The start is really cool, with very enjoyable action scenes. The emperor's perception of the hero originally could be a red herring...or not? The sense of mystery made it exciting to find out the actual story. But ugh, I was really disappointed in the story later on.

The plot went all over the place and had practically no cohesion with all sorts of stuff not making much sense. All those plot twists were annoying.

The visuals are beautiful, but that's basically the only thing I can compliment. The action scenes were quite cool at first, but later on became rather annoying with all the exaggerated jumping and whatnot.

I would recommend only watching until the first half. The second half is filled with irking plot twists and is overall less exciting. Two-thirds into the movie, I was already losing interest because the plot felt nonexistent just for the sake of tacking a moral message in the end.

TL;DR: It was cool in the first half, but the really poor plot towards the second half marred the movie.

+ Great visuals

+ Enjoyable action scenes in the start

  • Really illogical and contrived plot

  • Action scenes eventually become annoyingly exaggerated

Reviewed by Yashua Kimbrough (jimniexperience) 9 / 10

Assassin's Tale through Three Perspectives


Elegance told through stylized martial arts and storytelling with some historical significance behind the meaning ... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Emperor of Qi wants to unite all the kingdoms of China together under unified law. He has a very ruthless strategy of unification however, slaughtering thousands and seizing thrones everywhere. Many assassins have crossed the land to assassinate the Emperor but all have failed ...

One day a swordsman named Nameless is presented in front of the King for his achievements of slaying three masterful assassins: Sky, Snow, and Broken Sword. Broken Sword and Snow have a love affair going, and rumor has it Snow had a one-night with Sky. To stage an act of jealous murder, Nameless slains Sky, and tells Snow it was Sky's dying wish for her to avenge him and kill Sword. Snow falls for the trap, and is easily defeated by Nameless after she kills Sword.

The Emperor has doubts about Nameless claims, fore he too fought these great warriors and knows them not to fall under the guises of feelings. The Emperor's theory is the four assassins are working together to get close to his throne. He and Sky staged his murder so Nameless will be granted permission into the kingdom. Nameless then goes to Sword and Snow to enlist their help. Snow agrees but Sword refuses, believing the Emperor will indeed bring peace to the lands through his unorthodox tactics.

Sword's clever words make Nameless hesitant. He relays Sword's message to the Emperor and the Emperor has a moment of epiphany when he understands the people who understand him the most are a rag-tag team of assassins. He's pressured into killing Nameless for his plots, but buries him a Hero instead of a traitor. The Emperor then goes to unite the six kingdoms and build the Great Wall of China..


Reviewed by rdoyle29 8 / 10

A magnificent art house epic

The King of Qin (Chen Dao Ming) is waging a war to unite all the kingdoms of China under his rule. This has created enemies, and three assassins, Sky (Donnie Yen), Broken Sword (Tony Leung) and Flying Snow (Maggie Cheung) have vowed to kill him. Broken Sword and Flying Snow stormed his palace once and almost succeeded. Since then, no one is allowed within 100 paces of the King. Nameless (Jet Li) comes to the palace bearing proof that he has killed all 3 assassins. He is granted audience with the King and tells the story of how he defeated them ... with each story, he is rewarded and allowed to come closer to the King. When he is done, and only 10 paces from the King, the King expresses skepticism and offers his version of what he thinks really happened. A third version of the story is then told, which comes closer to the truth and reveals that it all comes down to these two men looking at each other face to face. The success of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and the reunification of Hong Kong with Mainland China made possible the situation where China's celebrated art house director teamed with a cast of prominent Hong Kong stars to make a martial arts epic. This is a happy circumstance. Zhang Yimou creates a sumptuous epic that's both visually stunning (each version of the story is uniquely colour coded) and thoughtful ... considering what a hero would actually be in Chinese culture.

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