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Rebecca Ferguson as Ergenia
Dwayne Johnson as Hercules
Rufus Sewell as Autolycus
John Hurt as Lord Cotys
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by darkguardian-99861 6 / 10


Well, the movie is below average. Of course, Dwayne Johnson once again plays himself and despite the fact that he can be fun, he doesn't really fit. Only thing keeping the movie above 5 stars, is that it has the interesting thing that it implies that Hercule's labors are implied to be fiction. Frankly, there are better Hercules movies out there if you want.

Reviewed by fc_candido 7 / 10

Not that incredible, but not necessary bad.

Hercules is a movie all about expectations. Based on the trailer and the promotional material, it easy to assume that the movie would be about the classic story of Hercules doing his twelve labors, but this hope is rapidly broken in the movie's first minutes, which show that the myths are just lies or exaggerations spread by Hercules and his mercenary friends to benefit themselves by getting easy gold and inspiring fear. Because of that, the movie subverts what is expected from a mythological movie and transforms itself in quite a surprise. I personally enjoyed this initial twist, but I can understand the disappointment of someone that went to the theaters expecting Hercules to beat some monsters.

Apart from the subversion of the premise of a normal mythological movie, like Disney's Hercules animation (which treats supernatural beings as a part of its universe), Hercules is not quite different from a conventional action movie like Fast and Furious. It has fighting scenes and, in the end, what matters is friends trusting in each other.

A good part of the movie is just about The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) being The Rock, an incredible strong guy that likes to show his muscles and always does the right thing when it matters, but in this movie especially he does not see any problem in lying to get money, though. During the movie, the question about what is fiction or not is raised, just to leave the conclusion cloudy as to whether supernatural powers are something real or not in its narrative universe. Doing this in the end bothered me because it is possible to understand the movie as a generic movie in which the protagonist has super human strength and that simply negates its initial subversion of the genre of mythological movies.

In addition, the most prominent message that the film brings is that narratives can be dangerous, and that they can be used to control people's opinion of an oppressor as someone good. Therefore, we need to have more sides to a history than just one and we cannot trust everything that we are told. It a good message to bring in a blockbuster movie that at seems quite unpretentious, especially in 2014, when we were not so immersed in this post-truth era of politics.

In conclusion, the movie is just OK. It has an interesting premise and it is packed with enough action and comedy to be fun and bring some kind of message at the same time. It will not blow your mind, but it will certainly provide you, your friends and some popcorn with a good time.

Reviewed by elgichuhi 5 / 10


It isn't good.It isn't bad.It is just kind of there in the middle.The Rock as Hercules is genius casting because apart from looking the part he is one of the most charismatic actors working today and that's just about it. The movie never really sticks the landing with it's story and never gets you emotionally attached to its characters.If you looking for a Hercules adaptation you could do worse *coughs* (legend of hercules more like legend of abominational filmmaking Im I right?)

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