Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
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Zach Galligan as Boiler Room Patron Getting Stabbed with Pool Stick
Terry Farrell as Joanne 'Joey' Summerskill
Paula Marshall as Terri / Skinless Sandy / Dreamer Cenobite
Ashley Laurence as Kirsty Cotton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki 7 / 10

Quick thoughts on this one.

If one can overlook the needless steps toward mild comedy, and a more mainstream feel to this entry, it can be a gruesomely good time, with Doug Bradley in fine form as the s&m demon from Hell, now known as Pinhead. His entrance in the church, as well as his subsequent monologue, is chilling. A horrifying image of him, briefly losing his control, as he shoves the cross off the altar, before, arms outstretched, he then calmly, intensely declares, " I am the way " , immediately before the Gothic windows explode, is the film's most memorable scene.

The movie veers off into action film explosions at one time, in a simultaneously out of place, and also fun, scene.

If only the filmmakers would have dropped the cameraman's annoying attempts at humour ( every time he answers his brick-sized cell phone, he annoyed says, " Speak. " Seriously? How did that cringe-inducing line make it past the first draught of the script? )

Reviewed by Shawn Watson 6 / 10

Pinhead Goes to Hollywood

Things get dumber and sillier in this second sequel. The series could have ended with Hellraiser II but there's profit to be had, folks. And so the series endured. The original ending for Hellraiser II had Julia rise up out of the mattress after devouring the delivery man, but as it was filmed, it was the torture pillar (which doesn't make sense, but I'll accept it). If Julia had come back then the series might have went in a more thoughtful direction, alas, it was Pinhead and the new owners, Dimension Films, wanted to milk every last penny out of him.

The torture pillar (looking nothing like it did previously) is now on sale in an art gallery where it is purchased by arrogant rich kid JP Munroe. The pillar is installed in the private sex chamber of his club The Boiler Room, where early 90s kids go to listen to their "edgy" rock music. The Lament Configuration is broken off the pillar and destroys a club-goer, leading TV reporter Joey Summerskill to hunt down the truth and discover the horror of Pinhead and the Cenobites.

When Kirsty revealed the truth to Pinhead at the end of the second movie it separated his human side from his Cenobite half, creating two individual entities. Now, without the balance of his suppressed humanity, Pinhead is unbounded and free to create as much mayhem as he wants.

With the move from hardcore British cult horror to shiny, hip, Hollywood the movie is considerably less scary and much goofier. Pinhead's make-up has been slightly altered to make him look less intense and now with a slight overbite which makes him look, dare I say, cute. But make no mistake, Doug Bradley OWNS this role once more and the entire movie. Given a LOT more to do this time around he is the best thing in it. His monster army is very silly and the movie eventually becomes quite cartoonish but the plot is good and it is very fast-paced.

Christopher Young didn't return to give the score some much-needed grace but composer nobody has ever heard of, Randy Miller, steps in and recycles Young themes with some of his own generic filler.

The intention was to make this gruesome franchise appeal to mass audiences and, in that regard, it's a perfectly fine popcorn flick.

Reviewed by qmtv 3 / 10

Not Good. C rating for a B movie = D. Starts with garbage writing, proceeds with below par acting, fx, and directing.

I'm a fan of the Hellraiser II. I've seen it many times. But last time I saw it, last year, it lost its impact. I haven't seen the first in many years, but I remember it as a decent film. I do not consider Hellraiser II as a masterpiece, but it must be seen. My rating for that is a B rating for a B movie, 7 stars. #III in comparison is garbage. And the only reason to see it is if you need to see all the Hellraiser movies. If you're a fan of the II, you will probably hate it. You might as well just see II and call it a day.

Here's the main problem. The story sucks. A female reporter sees a death in a hospital by way of chains ripping a person apart. Now, she's the only person investigating this. Where are the cops, and the hospital personnel who witnessed the chains suspended in air ripping the victim apart. By the way, the fx were OK, but much better done in Scanners, or Hellraiser II. Then the reporter speaks to the victim's girlfriend and has a clue to go to the, wait for it, THE BOILER ROOM, a rock/trip club owned by a rich dirtbag who happened to kill his parents for money. Maybe they could have shown a scene of this fool killing his parents, that may have been interesting. Reporter goes to the Boiler and some stupid dialogue and acting follows. In a dream sequence we find out that the reporter lost her father, she never knew, in Vietnam. This bit of ungenius writing comes in handy later as a deception device for Mr. Pinhead. So, I'm not going to go into every little detail of this mess. But the script sucks. If you have a bad script, it can only be saved by the acting, music, and directing. Every element of this film is equal in quality. Everything here is just plain simple mediocre crap. The Pinhead dialogue/one liners are interesting for the first time or two, but gets to be a blabbering nonsense. All the actors are mediocre, except for the cameraman, he sucked. The fx were OK, here and there, but then towards the end we get a bunch of cars exploding and ridiculous nonsense, which adds nothing. The only other thing that saves this movie from complete disaster is Motorhead has a tune or two on it. The film is watchable, but do not expect any thought provoking ideas or even an entertaining film. A few pieces of dialogue from Pinhead, a few fx scenes, a few interesting twists, does not make a movie. These are just elements. The only way I made it through this is by playing some guitar while watching.

I got this in a DVD collection, 6 movies for $5, Hellraiser III to VIII. I will only recommend this if you want to see all Hellraiser films. Otherwise watch the first and second and call it a day.

Rating D, 3 stars.

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