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Clare Higgins as Julia
Ashley Laurence as Kirsty Cotton
Doug Bradley as Pinhead the Lead Cenobite
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki 8 / 10

Whoever redesigned imdb needs to be sent to Pinhead and his Cenobites

I enjoyed this a lot more than my first viewing of it, likely fifteen years ago.

A woman has to basically harvest souls for her half-zombie ex-lover, so he can feed on their life energies, and return to life, and escape a group of sadomasochistic demons sent to reclaim him, and take him back to Hell. When her second husband is claimed victim, his college-aged daughter investigates, and learns his horrifying fate.

Some surprising twists, good looking lighting and colour pallet reminded me of some old giallo films, like something Mario Bava, or Michele Soavi ( one of my favourites ) might have done. Andrew Robinson is always fun to watch, and always reminds me of Scorpio, from Dirty Harry. Ashley Laurence is adorable, she makes a great contrast to the gruesome tale playing out. The house itself almost becomes a character in its own right, by the end of the film.

Reviewed by LouAbbott 7 / 10

The Makeup Department Showed Inspired Genius

I've heard much about this film, but never viewed it until recently. With 361 user reviews and counting, practically everyone knows the story. It's good to see Andy Robinson again. He should have been awarded for his portrait of 'the Scorpio Killer" in the original "Dirty Harry" film. He also did a fine job as the title character of the "Liberace" telefilm. Frank Baker, playing the derelict, looks much like horror movie veteran Sig Haig, covered in wool. Thirty years since it's release, "Hellraiser" is good, but something is missing. However, the film is very original and inventive. An award should have gone to the makeup department. Their work is inspired genius.

Reviewed by jmcd7910 3 / 10

Pretentious, overrated crap.

When Clive Barker first burst on the literary scene, I was enthralled. I went out and spent hundreds of dollars on first editions of the six "Books of Blood", which were individual volumes of Barker's short stories. "The Hellbound Heart" was in one of them. That's the story the movie is based on. I bought all his output, in first editions, as it came out. The man is a spectacularly talented writer, though probably insane. But the films- oh, the films. I just rewatched this thing, and it definitely hasn't aged well. Reading the reviews, it's obvious most of the praise heaped upon this is because of the subject matter (which doesn't say a lot about the reviewers), not the film itself. The acting, such as it is, is atrocious. The dialog is juvenile, the characters unbelievable. Andrew Robinson is as sleazy and cringe-inducing as ever, and the special; effects are laughable. It's amazing to me that this piece of trash spawned more than a half dozen sequels. I guess for some, pleasure comes only with a lot of pain. At having to sit through "Hellraiser".

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