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Aaron Paul as Hollis Wilson
Juliette Lewis as Pam Noonan
Josh Wiggins as Jacob Wilson
David Maldonado as Rollins Instructor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Shaun Cunningham ([email protected]) 9 / 10

An honest and heartfelt story about the consequences of a family's loss

A heartfelt story delivered in a subtle and effective way reminiscent of David Gordon Green's, JOE, and Jeff Nichols', MUD (I wasn't surprised to see Jeff's name in the credits).

Nicely understated, beautifully shot and with a great breakout performance from Josh Wiggins. Aaron Paul avoids what could otherwise be a clichéd father-gone-wrong with a beautifully underplayed performance. The incomparable Juliette Lewis brings a vulnerability to one of the least fragile characters she's ever played and overall HELLION breathes easily throughout its ebbs and flows.

Kat Candler did a great job in the director's chair and Aaron Paul should be commended for his support of emerging filmmakers and independent film.

Reviewed by trublu215 7 / 10

A good family drama with great performances.

Hellion tells the story of a delinquent, rebellious teenager named Jacob who is coasting through life on fumes. He lives in a low income home with his emotionally absent father, Hollis (played brilliantly by Aaron Paul). The story chronicles the growth between the two and proves that you can become a man at any age whether you are 13 or 40. While Hellion delivers a heavy handed message through heavy metal and motocross, the story is very bare bones and when some nice meaty scenes come our way, they are done and over with in thirty seconds. This never really allows us to truly connect to these characters in the way that director Kat Candler wants us to. The only thing that really keeps us connected to the story (or lack thereof) are the actors. There is not one bad performance in this film and that is a huge compliment to all those involved, especially when you take subject matter as melodramatic as this is. Aaron Paul gives a subtle and controlled performance as Hollis, a disillusioned father who surrounds his boys with figures from his unsavory lifestyle. What Aaron Paul does best is convey pain just by moving his eyes a certain way, and this film really showcases this man's talent. Child actor Josh Wiggins gives another powerhouse performance as Jacob, an unruly and emotionally unstable teenager. Not since Tye Sheridan have I seen a child actor this good and I am truly excited to see what he does next. The supporting cast includes Juliette Lewis doing what she does best, playing a white trash mother-figure that tries to do right. While she has made a career out of playing this type of character, this does it better than any other actress could. The direction and writing is sub par compared to the talent in front of the camera. The story is jumbled and, at times, a bit unrealistic and some of the dialog is a little heavy handed no matter how well Aaron Paul can deliver it. Overall, Hellion is a decent indie drama that is sure to turn heads because of Aaron Paul and Josh Wiggins, but other than that, there's not too much to it.

Reviewed by Victoria Cumberbatch 8 / 10

Slow Motion Explosion

I had no expectations going into this film; I hadn't even read the plot summary.

This was a film that had you shout predictability until what I thought would be the climax, came entirely too early and I realized...I had no real idea what was ahead. I found myself having little tolerance or care for Jacob throughout most of the movie, whereas I was overcome with emotions when it came to little Wes. Jacob ended up stealing my heart however and I was surprised at the director's ability to do this.

I noted this as an "explosion" because the build up was serious! It's a common story in much of America, but truly shot in a way that the viewer finds riveting, emotional, and genuine. The acting, from the CPS counselor to Wes, was truthful and accurate. Facial expressions and moments of silence between characters can usually spill the guts on who's new to the game, and I just didn't find that here. A low budget film that will probably not get much viewership, but those that take the time out will not be disappointed.

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